Miro AI is Here! Join the Community Conversation

Miro AI is Here! Join the Community Conversation

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Dear all, 


I got an email that now the Miro AI is unlocked and I can use it, test it. 


Somehow it still does not appear in my projects and boards. How can I enable the function? 


Thanks in advance!

Hi, this happened to me too, then after a day it went bad. See that on the EDU version it is still not implemented. I am using the Free version. It works wonderfully, too bad for the Italian language. HI

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I have been using Miro AI’s “Remove background” capabilities a lot lately, e.g., when designing a new gate to keep our toddler in the backyard (using it to remove the background of images from various Google image searches):

(Yes, that gate is incomplete and would NOT keep our toddler out haha)


Additional Use Case: Create Miro diagrams from images

It would be nice to import an image of a diagram from a competitor’s product, e.g., Visio or Mural, and have Miro create Miro objects (sticky notes, connection lines, shapes, etc.).

@Manouska How can I get a link to this webinar? I want to review to see where data security was addressed.

Thank you.

@Manouska Could you share with us a link to this webinar about Miro Ai please?

Good morning!

During the session on Wednesday I think it was said that all attendees would get an invite for the Ai beta version. No need to apply. Is it well so? I am so looking forward! ;-)

Hey Frederic! You can apply for the beta wait-list here >> https://miro.com/ai/ 

We can't wait for you to try it and share your feedback! 

Hello @Manouska  I have Miro account for quite sometime and i would like to try the Mira AI. However, the option is not active for me. Is this some thing you can help with? Thank you. 

Don't seem to be able to get this in an educational account. Might this be an option (even if for a fee)?

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Don't seem to be able to get this in an educational account. Might this be an option (even if for a fee)?

@Aaron Green - Please leave a comment in this post as I am going to tag in a Mironeer for clarification on this question.


Hello, community!

I recently responded to a Miro post on LinkedIn about the AI challenge, saying that I would love to participate in the challenge but it wasn't possible because my education account doesn't have access to Miro Assist. I was told by Miro's profile that they have no plans to implement access to Miro Assist through education accounts. I was also advised to repost the suggestion here in the community. So here I am. It would be wonderful to be able to explore Miro Assist in the education account to expand the teaching-learning process, as well as giving students the opportunity to try out the tool. I hope the Miro team can consider implementing Miro Assist for education accounts.