How to Earn Points & Badges in the Miro Community Forum

  • 23 January 2024
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The Miro Community Forum is not just a space for discussions, but a vibrant ecosystem of shared knowledge and collaboration. In addition to solving Miro questions and taking your skills to the next level, you can join our leaderboard by earning points and collecting digital badges! 


While leaderboard points showcase your participation in the forum, badges symbolize your accomplishments. Together, they offer a holistic view of your journey within the Miro Community Forum. Let’s dive into a quick guide on how to earn points to join our leaderboard and spotlight badges on your profile!


How to Earn Leaderboard Points:


Join the conversation and climb up the leaderboard!

  • Create a Topic - 5 Points 
    • Share your insights by creating new and engaging topics 
  • Reply to Topic - 5 Points
    • Join existing conversations and contribute meaningfully 
  • Provide an Answer - 5 Points
    • Share your best answer to another community member’s question 
  • Receive a Like or a Vote  - 2 Points
    • Receive a “Like” or a vote on an existing topic or idea 
  • Give a Like or a Vote  - 1 Point
    • Give a “Like” or vote on an existing topic or idea 

Things to keep in mind as you climb the leaderboard:

  • Check Your Points: 
    • Monitor the points on your profile to track your progress
  • Leaderboard Rankings:
    • Rank among fellow community members on the leaderboard
    • Regularly updated rankings showcase the most active and engaged members
  • Top Contributors:
    • Reach for the top spot! The leaderboard highlights the community's top contributors 



How to Earn Badges 


Miro Badges aren’t just icons on your profile, they're symbols of your accomplishments. Whether you’re a Miro MVP or new to the community, these badges tell a unique story of your skills and journey within the Miro Community Forum. Take a look at all of the badges you can earn while you’re here:


  • Moderator: Miro MVP and Community Forum guardian
  • Developer Expert: Miro API, SDK, and Platform power user
  • Miroverse Creator: You’ve created and shared a minimum of 1 of your best Miro templates from the Miroverse in the community 
  • Inspiring: You’ve created and shared a minimum of 5 inspirational topics in our Inspiration and Connection section of the community!
  • Curious: You’ve created a minimum of 10 topics in “Ask the Community” and always looking for better ways to use Miro to innovate 
  • People Person: You’ve given a minimum of 50 replies! Thank you for being so active, welcoming, and responsive
  • Problem Solver: You’ve solved a minimum of 50 questions! Thank you for being there for the community
  • Wish List Generator: 20 ideas on the Wish List! Thank you for sharing your ideas to make Miro even better


Ready to start collecting points and badges? Share your Miro knowledge on a few of our most popular threads below. We can’t wait to see what you achieve in our Forum Community! 🚀

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