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Hello there, my name is Chris. I’ve tried Wrike, Asana, Weekdone, Trello, ZenKit, Monday, Base Camp… I think all of them actually, but none of them spoke to me except Mio. For years now this app has been everything for my business. There is nothing like it (which is also why I keep emailing y’all about how a normal fan can invest pre-ipo :sunglasses: ).

I own the #1 No Gi Jiu Jitsu brand in the USA. We do more for the Jiu Jitsu industry than any other brand combined. (I could go off on that but I won’t get carried away here.)

I use Miro as my mission control. It’s where the vision occurs, where big picture strategy occurs. Now if only I can figure out how to create repeating assigned tasks in the app I’ll be a happy fella:thinking: .

Nice work on creating an outstanding app visual people.:fist:


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Hi Everyone!!!


My name is Calvin CK Goh from Malaysia. I’m in training business and coming in miro to build more experiential element for my workshop 

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My name is Puk, and I’m a Change Manager at The Copenhagen Metro and Light Rail Company. :wave_tone2:


We just started a new project manager education internally and want to use Miro in all our projects, regardless of them being agile og classic waterfall. We do see a lot to win in collaborating in a digital project room, and I’m here to help my colleagues get started and learn how to use Miro in their projects.


Looking forward to jump on the Miro experience :wink:

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I’m a professional facilitator, founder and member of FORM_ATTIVA (  a project which focuses on the theme of non-violent communication and teamwork through some of the most innovative techniques of involvement, participation and mediation, as well as building consensus. FORM_ATTIVA offers advice to increase the effectiveness of working groups in business, school and academic environments and in public administrations through the identification of processes aimed at improving the quality of human relations and addressing the conflicts that these spontaneously generate, to activate the collective intelligence in the analysis of problems and in the search for solutions. I like so much to use Miro in my work group

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Hi community.

I'm a consultant that uses Miro in my assignments at my clients. In that way we increase online collaboration and have great results. All my clients are adopting Miro as collaboration tool.


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Hi, All!

I am a Prezi Classic user since Beta and am recovering from the Adobe Flash purge.

Now that I am using Miro as my digital presentation platform for my college courses, I am super impressed with all of the layout helpers for adding a bit of balance and structure to otherwise scrambled mind maps.

The ability to integrate YouTube videos with a simple paste is fantastic.

Still dreaming of a “Layers Tool” that will allow me to animate through a concept without leaving the frame. The ability to start with a blank frame and add concepts, details, and ideas is super powerful for introducing technical concepts.

Keep those awesome innovations and improvements coming!

All my Best,

-Bill =]


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Hello everybody
My name is Pascal. I am a Secondary Level School teacher in Math, Science and Media & Informatics. I am also a PICTS (Educational ICT Support) and TICTS (Technical ICT Support) in my school.

I love Miro for different reasons! First: The students do not need a login to paticipate. Second: It is so easy to use . Third: I can use Miro in many different ways: For personal planning, getting a Feedback, organising teams, and so on…

I am happy to be part of this community and hope for many inspiration and answers.


Hi everyone, 

I'm a Miro enthusiast based in Sydney.

At work, we use Miro to facilitate cross-sector collaboration. It helps partners turn ideas into actions that improve services to support people experiencing vulnerability. 

While working as a content designer, I used Miro to brainstorm and plan the content calendar. 

And I also use Miro to plan and manage my side hustle, an App I'm designing in partnership with a developer. 

I look forward to learning from you all and share what I learned. 

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Hello, I'm Paulo Merson. I hope you're all safe and well. 

I teach software architecture at University of Brasilia in Brazil. No pets, but I'm always surrounded by wild life when I'm mountain biking. :mountain_bicyclist_tone3:

I've been using Microsoft Visio for almost 20 years. I'm now in the process of moving teaching material from Visio to Miro. In many aspects using Miro is better than Visio. However… I do very much miss a UML template in Miro (yes, there's one, but it only has the class symbol and associations). Full UML support is too much to wish for I know, but I think a frame for the UML package symbol would be a huge contribution.


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Hi everyone,


My name is Tony. I am a musician/composer currently living in Brussels. I love Miro and I find it very intuitive to explore ideas and strategies . I mainly use it to test out routines and craft out music training programs. 


I only wish that Miro would support audio files or audio clips, it would be much appreciated :)


Amazing community here,



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Hi Community,

I am Marat from Copenhagen in Denmark.

I work in BI in Gjensidige, a Nordic insurance company.
I have experience with many BI tools, M365 Office apps, Whiteboard, SmartSheet and others.

I am looking forward to explore this new tool and achieve more by being more creative using Miro and its unlimited canvas :-)


Best regards from Denmark,


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Hello there!

I am Peter Schwöbel from Cologne, Germany. Together with @mlanders (Michael Landers) I will lead the Miro User Group “Rhein-Ruhr”, Germany. Rhine and Ruhr are two rivers in Germany and this well-known metropolitan region with cities like Cologne (Köln), Düsseldorf, Bonn, Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg, Bochum and many more is the pulse in the West of Germany! 

We are very much looking forward to the exchange with you and all curious Miro users. I myself am a freelance project manager, systemic coach and change manager.

Let’s do this Miro thing! :sunglasses:

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@Peter Schwöbel :

Super, dass Du dabei bist. Freue mich auf die MUG und die vielen User, die aus unserer Region kommen.

Looking forward to the MUG and the many users that coming from our region.



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I’m Regine and I have been a  Miro  (well Real Board at the time) enthusiast for years now! 🙂 I use every opportunity I can to capture  thoughts  and  ideas  visually in Miro. I am an OD leader and Design Thinking evangelist! 

When I’m not thinking up new solutions, I am usually on an  outdoor adventure  with my hubby and amazing twin daughters learning about new worlds, new cultures,  new experiences  and connecting with others.


​​​​​- ​​Regine



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Howdy from Austin, Texas!

My name is Travis and I am a passionate Miro evangelist. My company Nautes builds innovation programs for enterprises. Prior to the global pandemic, the majority of our work was done with Post-it notes and Sharpies. At the end of last year, our largest client wanted to conduct their coaching academy remotely. I had my doubts but was up for the challenge. 

We used a combination of Miro and Microsoft teams and it was a huge success! The program was two weeks of workshops for 32 participants from Amsterdam to Singapore. Miro performed flawlessly and I was amazed by the interactivity it enabled. We were able to connect with a global audience and actually solve some of the biggest problems we were never able to address when hosting in-person events.

Miro is the perfect tool for integrating the best practices from lean manufacturing, design thinking, and agile development that we use in our methodology!

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Hi, I’m Kana from Japan working at Fujitsu, my team is in charge of vision planning for digital system especially in terms of CX. 

I started using Miro since last year to find out how to organize online workshop for in-house and clients, before COVID-19 pandemic we offered offline workshops. I love Miro, very powerful, easy to use, quick improvement. I’m so exciting to discover worldwide miro board designs:art: .


I’m so curious about vision planning, idea creation, using design thinking to make better life.

Amy Webb, she gave online lecture at the Fujitsu conference in February 2021, impressed me a lot, so I bought her book "Signal" published in 2017, few years before though.

If you know other good methods or interesting book as for vision planning, horizon scanning, scenario planning, backcasting, please let me know! :four_leaf_clover:

I love Fuji Kaze, musician in Japan!:musical_note:

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Hi everyone! I´m Fernando, one of the product owners @ KiWi (financial services) a financial technology company based in Switzerland & Mexico. I love Miro because it makes my work life way easier. My interests are: reading (a lot), blogging, meditation, humor, mindfulness, pets, software & product development, programming, house music, among others. Feel free to add me in other social media channels as @luferequi ;)

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Hi, everyone, my name is Jonathan and I am the Director of Innovation at Home Instead, Inc. Our innovation team just switched to Miro during the pandemic, and we love it. We used to say “How can we do our Innovation workshops virtually?” and now we say, “In-person workshops will not be as good as doing it virtually!”

The toolset is great, and has been intuitive for our guest users. I love seeing how regularly new features are being rolled out as well.

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Hello everyone Ivan here.

I’m a Cyberpsychologist and I help people to live better with their digital tools.

I work with schools and teachers, and I use my online channels to inform and train about topics such as Cyberbullying and related.

Since I work with, collect and elaborate lots (tons) of academic papers and other stuff, along with related projects, I’d like to see how it all fits with this tool.

I’m here to check if Miro may be the best solution for a visual guy like me.

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Hi, I’m Peter from the Netherlands :grin::flag_ye:

I’m a UX Design trainer, helping people to get acquainted with UX Design in general and some powerful tools, like Miro ! Of course, Miro is great for doing serious brainstorming, post-ups, mapping. And I urge my students to use all kinds of Miro templates for that. But for my own work, I use a lot of customised and branded boards to let the do certain exercises.

It’s always fun to see how quickly they pick this tool up. The Public Sharing & Editing option is such a boon ! I guess it’s the best promotion for Miro. And while collaborating online on a board for the first time, they’re always stunned for a moment when I warn them to keep a safe Corona distance between their arrows...

Hi everyone! :smile:

I’m Katie Kindred; a Business Analyst, Facilitator, and content creator from North Texas.

I work in the Application Development department for a healthcare performance company. Our team focuses all around the Discovery phase of Agile development. We help the Product and Development teams have the right conversations so that they can build the right things at the right time. Knowing that the work our team does helps hospitals and other healthcare organizations work better during the pandemic makes my wonderful job even better

Miro is the main tool used on our team. We have used it to create slide decks, build out workshops (often multiple at a time), and stay connected through weekly touchbases. (And so much more!) I honestly can’t imagine my work or my life without Miro.

Aside from work, I love using Miro to get things out of my head and onto “paper”. Being able to put down a bunch of stickies and then group them together or find a process for them has improved my own personal productivity a lot. 

I could go on and on, but I’ll leave you with a picture of my dog.


Maggie, the radiant sunflower.


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Hi all,


I’m Miriam and I'm using Miro for a couple weeks now. I really like it for online facilitation. I am an Agile Coach and (Professional Scrum) Trainer and from the Netherlands. 

I hope to learn a lot and maybe even help out some of you. I love to do all sorts of crafts, read, watch series and movies and cook/BBQ.

Kind regards,


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Hi their! I’m Thamer from Saudi Arabia, I work in Product Management, UX/UI, Innovation.

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Hi All,
Freelance UX designer here from Amsterdam. Currently working for the Dutch Ministry of Defense (where we are not allowed to use Miro :sweat_smile: ) . But i’m a big fan!

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I have been using Miro  to conduct workshops with my colleagues. They sitting all in their homeoffice.
I am very happy about new ideas that I can implement with Miro.
When I’ m not working with Miro I’ m a project manager.
The rest of the time I spend making music as a bass player.