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Hi Community :)
I am Atsushi . I read and write with translation software. Work from home has increased. I had a hard time communicating online. However, using miro has increased my good time. I can't find the miro community in Japan. I participated here. I would like to hold a miro workshop in Japan as well.
I'm doing 1on1 using miro. miro helps express the careers of participants.

Hi everyone,


My name’s Adeniyi, based in Stockholm, Sweden at Electrolux IT. I am a project / product manager looking after a number of SaaS collaboration platforms in use at Electrolux, of which Miro is one. I support end to end usage, value delivery and adoption. I am very interested in continuous improvement and i’m awlays on the look out for new tips and tricks that can help boost productivity.

Very excited to join this community and look for ways to bring more value to our users at Electrolux. 




Hi I am Karin




and I work as an IT supporter in implementation of management systems like ISO 27001,BSI IT Security, GDPR.  Total quality management systems cause a lot of role conflicts for employees. Institutional visual knowledmanagement with Miro could reduce the conflicts. Furthermore it supports people in online courses to get focused and keep information in their memories.


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Hello World!!

Hello everyone.  I’m Tim Hale, enterprise architect at Arvest Bank, located in Northwest Arkansas, US.  We started a pilot with Miro just after covid sent everyone to work from home.  It has been invaluable, and enabled us to maintain team productivity even while we couldn’t be physically co-located.  We use Miro for all sorts of things - from product design workshops with customers - to agile ceremonies - to team meetings - to process designs - to individual brainstorming.  Miro is a fantastic tool.


Hi Miro community,


I am Karin, an IT supporter and learning experience designer based in Hamburg / Germany.

I use Miro to reduce complexity in certified management  systems (F.e. QM, AZAV, GDPR, IT Security). Every employee should have a real chance to get a total overview about management rules in his company without scanning thousands of sentences in the company’s wiki and get deeply frustrated by trial and error.





Hoi zäme

Hello dear Miro-community
“Hoi zäme” is in a Swiss-German dialect for Hello to all of you. I am living in the middelland of Switzerland halfway between Bern and Zürich.
I am working as a coach and faclilitator for adult education with focus on reorientation for individuals and orientation for people thinking opening their own business. And all sorts of other personal questions.
Online I work mostly with Zoom and MS Teams and there I miss the possibility to get participants to use breaks for spontaneous encounters with fellow participants as they do in face-to-face situations. Wonder or may have the potential to be such a occasion. Miro I know for a few weeks and I get slowly into it to find a better use in workshops.

I have seen many possibilities but I notice in online-events, that people are quickly overhelmd by to many diffrent tools.

Well I’m curious what will grow in this community and what I can learn with you all.
Thanks for the initiative and take care


Credit (instagram:

Hello everyone,

My name is Gabriel and I am based in Bangkok. I have been teaching photography, motion graphics and other creative practice at Silpakorn University International College, a local Thai University. 
As COVID19 closed our campus since last April, our university has been online for the past few months and will be until better days come. 
I discovered Miro last week while studying new techniques for online and Hyflex teaching. A colleague of mine introduced me this wonderful app. I am already planning to use it for many of my courses, for brainstorming, constructing collective data, and decision making.

 Glad to join this community!

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Hi All, 

Ewan here. I am a business strategist and use Miro with clients to form strategies and plans. I have discovred a whole host of Miro features that have transformed how I work, but I know I have only touched the surface of what Miro has to offer. Learning all the time. 

Happy to caht and help where I can on the Miro Community. 


Ewan :-)


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Hi there!

I’m Richard Kasperowski. I use Miro to teach and to facilitate people doing awesome work together. In industry, I teach and coach work teams on how get everything they want: high-performance, psychological safety, emotional intelligence, agile software development, and more. In academia, I created and teach the class Agile Software Development at Harvard and co-teach the Spark! innovation fellowship at Boston University. I’ve written a couple of books on teams and how to have great teams.

I’ve created over a dozen templates that are available in Miroverse and in this blog about how to have awesome remote teams. I use these templates to teach people new skills and to help them get real work done, really well.

I also run the monthly Agile Dojo. Join us every first-Thursday-of-the-month - scroll through my events page to register for the next dojo. We explore these templates and other games and playful activities to help you have a great team.

And I’m happy to be here in the Miro community. :grinning:

Hello all, this is Jammi from Singapore. Working on my startup, Findayly, for the retail industry. Started to use Miro in June, found it complex, moved to standalone apps.

Two weeks ago, saw the app and opened it as I had some free time. Within 15 mins, I’d discovered so much more than before. In the next 15 mins, asked my team to start collaborating, minding maps, etc. on Miro exclusively. I can’t get enough of it now.

Looking forward to new learnings and shared experiences from the Miro community.

Stay safe and stay happy!

Hi all, I have been using Miro for a while now. Well before the Covid-pandemic hit us all, but the only collaboration increased the use significantly. During the pandemic I switch companies after being at a Capgemini firm for over 20 years. Strange but I very much enjoy being part of a new family at CGI.

Sure hope to read up on your questions, answers and tips&tricks.

Best regards, Dennis 

Hello All,


My name is Kevin Cuyler and I support our collaborative Discipline Networks and Communities of Practice at PetroSkills remotely in San Antonio, Texas.  

We have extensive collaborative meetings and group work and we are very new to using Miro.  So far, I am very please -- great tool and opportunities.  Need to learn more about it and how to work with it with other remote groups.

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Hi all, I’m a lecturer with Manukau Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand. I teach data analytics, and I love seeing our students come in, learn and go out and earn.

Also, I try to live my life in a way that honours my commitment to Yeshua of Natsareth as my Saviour and King.

I’m looking at ways I can use Miro for either of these, but mostly for my DA teaching. I’m keen to find out how to integrate it with Teams (phoning our Tech Services tomorrow) and how to separate students and staff.

I see the post-it notes as the first board I’ll use, for class discussions. After that, I’m thinking of taking either individual classes, or possibly the whole course, as a maze journey, like is on one of the Miro training videos.

Any other teachers out there I’d love to hear a ‘hi’ from you, maybe we need an education Special Interest Group here on Miro? Is there one yet?

Hey all!

My name is Albert, and I’m working as a technical writer. I’m impressed with Miro’s capabilities and think it is a new generation of graph tools.

Happy design!

Hi everyone!!

This Jaime Escriche from Adidas. I take product ownership of MIRO at company level. Definitely this is a great way to grow and learn together. 

Open to chat and discuss with any of you here 😊

Hi, My name is Bas. After a 20 years career in research I recently started working as a product manager working for Cochlear Ltd, where I got introduced to Miro. It’s a great tool and I love using it. 

Best Wishes, Bas

Bonjour tout le monde. Je m'appelle Moïse AWONLONSOU. Je suis béninois residant à Cotonou, la ville économique du Bénin. Je suis un guide de tourisme qui œuvre pour la promotion du patrimoine culturel et artistique du Bénin. Je suis Crew Director de Earth Guardians Bénin. Nous participons actuellement à un projet organisé par RACE FOR OCEANS et c'est grâce à cela que j'ai entendu parlé de Miro. Très heureux d'être parmi vous et j'espère bien me faire de nouvelles connaissances par ici.


bien !


I’m Matthew a learning Dev in Seattle, WA.  I currently use Miro for wire-framing and creating userflows on team projects. 

Love the app so far! 




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Hi there community, I'm Adam, I course lead on an industry developed games, animation and VFX course in the East Midlands, UK for post 16 education.

My first encounter of Miro was during virtual work experience for our students last year; what an amazing experience to see students from all over the UK working on a project in real time.

Since then I have set up boards to allow students to submit all manner of work where they take ownership of content and presentation, organisation, facilitate peer support, devise revision systems and collaborate on team projects. I'm currently loving embedding Miro in the course, it seems this facility empowers finding processes that work for them individually, supports heuristic practices and offers the first experiences of synergy. 

Hello Everyone,

Glad to be part of the community. I am Adi based in Grenoble, France 👇 🙂.

Bastille, Grenoble - Capital of Alpes 

Entrepreneur, Strategist and Marketer. Projects I am involved in - Makemysummary, The Co-founders Club

My recent completion, being a co-author 🖊 👉 In the Arena

I have been using Miro for brainstorming and for work, specially for team sessions. 

Open to connect and support members - Twitter

Have a great day.

buen dia para todos soy Edith soy muy muy nueva en esta plataforma, pero estoy dandome la oportunidad de conocer nuevas plataformas y a futuro poder compartir con ustedes experiencias y nuevos procesos.

Hi everyone,

I’m Joost Jonker from Amersfoort in the Netherlands. For me, Miro is a great tool to use in internal trainings and workshops. Playing board games is my favorite pastime. 

I’d love to help the Miro product to evolve - to make online collaboration rock. 

Cheers, Joost

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Hi everyone!
My name is Viola.
I use Miro with my product team for high level cross team planning sessions (after the roadmap is done in Product Board), and for brainstorming sessions.

I absolutely love Miro for brainstorm sessions, your Mind map is perfect for that. 

Hi Community

My name is Lisa and I am a Release Train Engineer (RTE) at Tryg Forsikring (insurance company) in Copenhagen, Denmark. For us MIRO has been the large game changer in how to cooperate - not only during Covid as we have all been working from home, but also going forward, as we are operating in all Nordic countries and have suppliers in India. 

Looking forward to seeing how we can be inspired by other members in this forum.