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Hi ! Being a Scrum Master for a couple of years now made me fall in love with Miro, and it was really a love at first sight !

We just started a huge transformation to Agile when I was looking for a collaboration tool. I gave a shot to the real time board (ya, that old!) and immediately started to use it every day.

We were able to setup a PI planning template board for 70 collaborators to plan their next release in a full day meeting in person (yep, good old times) and we were projecting the board on a huge projector screen so for the read out of all teams releases, that was working like a charm !

Since 2018 there’s not a day where I’m not using Miro for my job or my personnal creative projects. It’s at the center of everything I do.

Really happy to finaly join the community and I don’t understand why I haven’t done that before :)

Have a nice day all and stay safe !

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Hello Miro! I have been working on this platform for over a year and have loved it. I have worked as a UX/UI designer for 20+ years and now teach at a community college and a university in Beautiful British Columbia. Miro has enabled a high degree of engagement in workshops and group projects. Thank you!

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Hey everyone! I’ve been using Miro for a while now, since back when it was still called RealTimeBoard. I always found it hard to collaborate working with remote teams in a natural way until I found Miro and I have been a fanboy ever since :-)

Recently I’ve launched a new startup with a friend of mine and one of the first things we’d like to do is build a web-plugin for Miro! 

Hey all, 

I’ve done almost every job on the technical side of software development, from Test Analyst to Director of Engineering. Collaboration is key in successful teams, and Miro does a really great job of making that simple.  I keep finding ways of expanding how we use it, so I’m mainly here to learn from you all.

Peace and love to you all.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Mike Goitein, and I’m an Agile Coach with KeyBank.

Visual thinking, expression, and collaboration are prerequisites of quality communication and shared understanding.

In the age of COVID-19, Miro has literally saved our teams’ creativity and innovation.

I’ve been thrilled with the tool and with the entire @Miro Team supporting it.

Happy to use it for facilitation, brainstorming, workshops, Agile events, backlogs, Story Mapping, and so much ore.

I also enjoy helping people within my organization grow in their usage of the tool.

Look forward to being part of this community, learning, and contributing!

Ahoj! I’m the operations coordinator for a tech training company in Austin, TX. We use Miro for our client engagements, internal scrum ceremonies, quarterlies and sometimes just to get the creative juices flowing! Miro has helped keep the team connected through COVID and continues to do so now that we have a team spread across the US. I’m excited to learn more and see what new role outs are headed our way. 


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Hi everyone ! :metal:

My name is Pedro and i work as a Scrum Master and we use it for ceremonies 


I just find out Miro very recently and i’m already in love ! :heart_eyes:


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Hi guys! I am so glad to join Miro community. My name is Giorgi, I am CPO at Thermorum LTD. I help my company deliver great products to make people’s homes more comfortable.

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Hello everyone. My name is Sri Wahyuni Ratnasari from Indonesia. I am currently teaching undergraduate students in Management at Unissula (a private university) in Semarang. I am very grateful to be introduced to Miro by Richard Lowenthal a co-founder of GoBrunch Since then I have been exploring and using MIRO enthusiastically with my students. I find Miro provides great opportunities to facilitate students’ engagement, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity among others. I am so happy to have the opportunity to join this awesome community to learn and share the knowledge and experience. 

Hi Everyone,

I am Wadih, I am from Montreal/Canada. I am an information technology MSP, and I will be using Miro with my clients to help them draw up their software idea screens and interactions to transform their idea into solutions!

Love your product!

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Hi i am Math,

I am an elearning designer and developer  at Tilburg University of Law. We use Miro for several cooperative workflows. Investigating now if and how we can use it for prototyping serious games.

Kind regards and have fun,


Hi from Los Angeles!  I’m a UX Designer and love Miro to create my screen flows (using the Sketch/Miro plugin) and create a virtual war room pin-up board for everything visual on projects.

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Hello together

I really like to join this community and I’m looking forward to get in contact with you. 

miro is a great opportunity for me, to try new ways of collaborative project management in the content of lean construction.

King regards


Hello Everyone!
I'm Aleksandr Gusakov, I'm associated professor at Management Department at RUDN University. I started using Miro for lessons two month ago, and I see that it is great tool, especially for online classes. I hope use Miro for lessons and projects in Design Thinking also. There are many international students in my classes and Miro gives us the possibility to work not only by speaking (it is hard for some students) but also with various objects - text, pictures, videos etc. 
I use my board games for lessons and I hope it is possible to use Miro for gamification also (Hello @Math Notermans !)

Have a good day!


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As we do have several serious games planned i am testing/investigating the Miro API to see if its possible to create more gamelike interactions. Although only making first babysteps it seems that it is possible with either the API or the Webplugins. 

Hi all, I’m Larissa from London, at SNTech we use Miro for all sorts of applications which is great fun and unbelievably rewarding, from strategy sessions to working on international projects. Can’t wait to get more involved in the community and make Miro even better. See y’all around. 

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Hi there,

My name Masood Sarkar and I am currently associated with a university in Canada working as Manager Enterprise Solutions. We have just started using Miro and so far it is wonderful experience. Looking forward to have more communication with the Miro community. 

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I’m Claudio a huge fan of Miro.

One of my daily tasks is teaching marketing / advertising / and digital strategy in college. Last year, during COVID times, I found Miro  to be a key strategic tool to interact with my students.

I learn quite a lot from my interaction with them and I shared some of my experience as a guest post  in Miro blog.

Glad to exchange best practices and share what I learn. Feel free to reach out directly too.

Claudio :-)

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Hi everyone!


My name is Brigitte, I’m working currently in a big project at the federal office for statistics in switzerland.

My role is requirements Engineer and I like using miro for creating Story Mappings. For that purpose it’s so good using the tables and sticky notes.


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It’s wonderful to meet all of you! :heart_eyes: I’m the new community lead at Miro, working with @Marina, @Natalie Larino, @Colleen Curtis, and all the wonderful people who have built the community so far. 


I am a community nerd and I love thinking about the ways that we can connect and inspire each other. Miro presents such a special opportunity to think about these things in the context of creativity at work and in life. Through things like Miro Experts and the Miroverse, this community has already created a culture of collaboration and creativity, and I’m so excited to see what we can create next! 


When I’m not nerding out on community, I’m hanging out with my cat, eating too much chocolate, watching too much Netflix, and spending precious time with my friends now that we can gather in person. I also love making music and thinking about the ways we can empower women at work. 


Please reply here or DM me if you’d like to chat! I’d love to get to know you. :smiley:



Hi Everyone


I am Shamim Bodhanya from Durban, South Africa. I am a researcher, consultant and trainer. My focus in the use of Miro at the moment is infinding creative ways in creating Learning Tools, playbooks and serious games.

Hi everyone!


I am Natalie, based in Copenhagen Denmark.  I am leading the code of conduct implementation in Danske Bank. I am currently working on a prototype that allows collaborative problem formulation and co-designing of solutions which involves bankwide/localized systems, governance structure and grass root programmes.  I am very new to Miro and will greatly appreciate help/support/guidance.  I would also love to virtually connect with people who, like me, are passionate about making an impact in improving workplace environment where each employee in every level of the organization thrives.  Have a great day! :)

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Hello everyone! I’m Naomi, based in Amstelveen in the Netherlands (it’s really close to Amsterdam). I have used Miro a bit at work and in my free time and decided to build a Markdown Extension for it: If anyone wants to build more on top of it (or point out bugs to me), please reach out :). 

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Howdy Mironeers and Miropeers,

My name is Reid, I’m from Montreal, Quebec. I work in public relations and community marketing at, I’m a bit of an organization junkie. I recently fell in love with Miro after a coworker invited me to collaborate on a project. At Unito we specialize in syncing workflow apps with one another to enable users to spend more time doing the important stuff and less time working in silos. While we don’t integrate with Miro (yet), I am a huge fan of the application and am definitely richer since having discovered the value of it.

At this very moment I am working on a marketing campaign in Miro and I don’t think I’ll migrate away for the next one we do, it keeps me on track even when the cat and two dogs do their best to derail me.


Hello Everyone,

Miro has been in my life for over a year now, since learning the ropes from Isman Tanuri during a M3.0 course. I was hooked from the first moment, and have used Miro for various purposes every since - from keeping a cousin’s child busy during lockdown to plotting change impact diagrams and scheming on new ideas for user experience design. And even so, I still have not found the end of the Miro miracle; every time I use it, I discover something new about it.

Happy to be here!