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Hi Miro Heroes! :wave_tone2:

My name is Marina and I am a Community Manager at Miro. Happy to be here with you and have a chance to create this space for all Miro users to connect, collaborate, co-create and share knowledge with each other :handshake_tone2: 

It will be cool if you introduce yourself here in the thread - share where you work, live, your role, and how you use Miro (share your bigger Miro story here).

Feel free to add any other interesting information or even a fun picture with your pet :wink: This is the best way for all of us to get to know one another!

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Hello. I am from Russia and I am a tutor. The program helps me organize the lessons and make them as interesting as possible for the students. I hope thanks to the forum to explore all the possibilities of the program.


I am Gebhard, the owner of GB KOMMUNIKATION GmbH in Germany.

My colleagues and I support companies in their efforts to overcome issues with formal hierarchies by leveraging the competence of self-management.

We love using Miro to design, facilitate, and document complex, multi-month processes for everyone to benefit from. Specifically, we enjoy using Miro for group decision-making.


Miro Board for a strategy process


Hi everyone & a “Moin” from Hamburg,

I am so happy to join the community around miro and the miroverse! 🖐 Hello! 

My name is Martin, I am located in Hamburg (Germany) and I am working in a boutique strategy consultancy called not yet normal. As a business strategist and innovation consultant, miro is an essential part of my daily life. I constantly develop new formats, methods and sprint designs - and also will be happy to share.

And I am totally excited to join the conversations here and get inspired by all you interesting people!

Nice to meet you!


Hi , I’m J.J. from the U.K. and use Miro in all sort of product management stuff.

Hi Miro Heroes!

My name is Anora Tokhirova. I am from the country which is rich in his culture and traditions. This place is Uzbekistan. I am really interested in this organisation and I want to continue my experience with new friends and new experiences which would assist me in my future. I want to change the entire world in a good way and make people happier forever!

Thanks for attention 🙂😊


Hello Community!

My name is Radek. I work as a Engineering and Software Architecture consultant in Poland. I use Miro extensively to conduct workshops, training and consultancies. I have big boards 😀 

Hello Community! My name is Matiss. I work out of Latvia and Estonia mainly. I consult companies on Digital Transformation and lead projects. Miro is one of my favorite tools to go for brainstorming, workshops, kan-bans. 

Hi everyone! I am on a journey to find balance in my life, by prioritizing rest over work.

I have spent ten years running an online business while traveling the world with my young family. I am a virtual keynote speaker, course creator, and business coach. My book ‘Marketing Yourself’ helps experts to elevate their personal platform.

You can get a free chapter of my book here:


I am new to the MIRO environment but find it works well for presentations. But wondering if any of your JAVA Script peeps could tell me if there is a way of creating a timer that reset itself and whatever activity that you created in Miro to what it looked like before the user hit the timer to begin the activity!

Inquiring minds are waiting to know if this is a DO-ABLE possibility.

My Name is CJ

Thanks DLynne! Greatly appreciate your feedbacks when you watched any of the YTs. Cheers, 🤓

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🖐🏼Mkagileman, I will definitely be visiting your YT channel! I want to learn all I can about Miro! What better way than from a Miro junkie 😆🤣

👋 Hi, Y'all! My name is Matt! A Miro junkie, 👻 always search for a better way to use Miro to impact the world! 🌟 I'm teaching and training over 30,000 people in my company on how to use Miro as part of their digital norms. 🙌 Also, I've my HUMDEV Coaching YT Channel, teaching Coaches & Facilitators a better way using Miro in their virtual sessions to maximize a better learning experience. 🕺 Lastly, I use Miro to design, develop, and deliver In-person and virtual facilitation sessions. Love Miro! 🤓

Hi everyone.

My name is Dennis, I am a Manager IT within our company in the Netherlands.
I have been using Miro for some time already. In a start-up, that I was part of. Making user stories, mindmaps, kanban, timelines, strategy plans, etc. Now again I am the administrator of an enterprise plan. And within a week I have multiple managers, teamleads and projectleaders working with Miro. 
Love working with it.


Looking forward in exchanging ideas, tips and tricks.


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Thanks DLynne, love to know about your learning and yes Pune is beautiful please do visit when its possible, I hvae few blogs on Pune you can go over them to learn more of Pune: Happy reading

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Hello Abhishek, how awesome! I just learned a few things about Pune last week. We have a branch there. It was so interesting to learn about your country and the technology hubs there. The IT world is brand new to me and it is such an amazing learning journey!! Best wishes to you.

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Hello, Namaste, Hola, Bonjour, Guten tag, Salve, konnichiwa

My name is Abhishek (it means Holy Process) Prasad from Pune India. I am a UX Design Ops Manager for ADP India and lookafter the entire design team in India for Design Ops.

I am glad to be here, I am excited to see you guys. I am working on a Enterprise product and my challenges are way different and complex, I found this place mor comfortable and I am sure I will find the solutions here only.

For all I am known by my handle #WhatsAbhiDoing for outer world :)


Love you guys,


Abhishek Prasad


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Hello, it is so nice to read about everyone!

My name is Denise, and I am excited to be currently working as an Administrative Assistant/Junior Project Coordinator/Data analyst at Steris. I am looking forward to connecting here in this Forum!

I am new to this platform and am eager to learn as much as I can in order to better assist our Information Technology team with any questions they may have about using Miro!

When I’m not working at Steris, I'm better known as "The Love 💖Ambassador"!  I enjoy coaching my single and married clients around the globe on all things LOVE!

Oh, and I ABSOLUTELY adore spending time with my hubby and our beautiful God children, working out, cooking, or singing🎵 til my heart is content at churches and events around the globe! 


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My Name Is Saloni Verma marketing manager is responsible for managing the promotion and positioning of a brand or the products and services  For My company sells. Typically marketing managers are employed to attract more customers to buy from the company and to raise brand awareness through the creation of marketing campaigns.

That Why I Am Here Because Miro Is good Business Hub for Marketing And Share Ideas

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Good day, everybody! My name is Saloni, I work as an instructional designer at a university in Russia. Our department trains teachers in modern educational technologies. Miro allows us to involve listeners, organizes a very comfortable environment for collaboration. With miro, we can easily implement active learning methods that are the most effective.

Miro is one of the best things that happened 

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Hi people

I’m Laurence Glazier, and I am primarily a composer of classical music. I find Miro is useful for planning the large structures that something like a symphony has. At one time composers used to cover walls with their notes to be able to see a plan, but now apps like Miro can help solve this issue.


I’m also working on a new product in the music technology field, which will help make performances cheaper and more accessible for composers. We are a small team and a Miro board helps us share info and plan.


So thanks, Miro, for being there!.


Happy New Year to all!



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Good day, everybody! My name is Elena, I work as an instructional designer at a university in Russia. Our department trains teachers in modern educational technologies. Miro allows us to involve listeners, organizes a very comfortable environment for collaboration. With miro, we can easily implement active learning methods that are the most effective.

Miro is one of the best things that happend to me in last! 


Hello Everyone,

Myself Naaz Mahvy, associated with Wipro technologies,

i am fond of Miro app and its usability in distant team setup, will be getting in touch for good templates

Hi everyone! I’m Michal, a UX designer in the process of transitioning out of my previous career. After many years working in the arts--as an artist, educator, as well as in galleries and museums--I decided it was time for a change.

I work for a climate startup at the forefront of carbon removal gifting. It’s challenging to be in a new career and also a new industry, but that makes for lots of growth opportunities.

As a freelancer I don’t get to use Miro nearly enough with my team. We’re bootstrapped so I have to rely on the free Miro account for now. Any holiday specials on account upgrades? 😉

Grateful for this powerful tool, and I can’t wait to use it more frequently in the future!

Greetings Miro Community.

My name is Eric Machan Howd. I’m a poet, musician, and educator in Ithaca, NY. I work with Ithaca College as their Director of the Office of Extended Studies, teach professional/technical writing for a national tech-writing certificate organization, and direct music (choir director, pipe organist, and pianist) for a church. I am also a published poet.

I usually don’t involve myself in software communities but Miro is special to me.




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I’m a business coach, practicing out of Southampton, UK. I’m experienced in the high performance space (ie Brendon Burchard, CHPC), and in addition to this kind of coaching I specialise in Emotional Intelligence skill upgrades and in Mindset upgrades!

It would be great to collaborate with others in the Miro community. I have followed the work of Frederic Laloux since around 2015, and just love his concepts of self management, collaboration, teal organisations, etc. I truly believe we each carry a super power which is magnified when we work with and along side others.