Add custom tooltip to any object

  • 3 October 2020
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I would like to add custom tooltips text to any object on the board.

When the cursor is hovered over the object, the text would appear, even if the object was locked.

Example using Miro’s existing tooltips:


Use Case

This idea first came to me when I was building my 101 Miro Templates Challenge entry board. I wanted to have additional help/instructions for the user that was using my board to learn more about Miro.

Another use case would be for wireframe objects:


5 replies

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Great idea @Robert Johnson - this would help the usability of boards without the need to always add explicit instructions within them!


Yes! This would be amazing and has my vote - I’m creating some onboarding workflow diagrams and adding tooltips for various parts would help folks make sense of it without adding extra visual clutter

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Hey @Robert Johnson

One approach that I’ve noticed in the community, is to do this using comments.

Some go even further to colour code the comments for different functions.

See this example from TED.

Hope it helps, Kristin


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I’m a relatively new user to Miro, and I was looking for this feature to add tool tips to my template, for the same reasons everyone else on this thread is describing.

I tried using the comment feature in the template, but then they do not show up when you place the template. Plus, it would be a bit weird for people to see my name on the note if they were not interacting with me.

But a more purposeful tool tip feature would be best—upvote x 10! :wink:

Here’s a use case that represents my need for tooltips.

I use Miro to produce business process diagrams. Many of the visual elements in the diagram have a glossary entry associated with them that defines the element. At present, my glossary in Miro is a “wall of text” on the surface of the canvas just beneath the diagrams. An improvement would provide the ability to place the glossary definition in a tooltip so that when a view mouses over the diagram element...voila!!!!!...the glossary definition for that element appears.