Copy a board from a miro url


I would like to know if I can easily copy a board to my team space or my personnal space. 

For example, i would like to use this board in my space :


Figma or mural propose this feaure and it’s quite cool !

Thanks for your help ! 




Hi @JeremyJ

Initially I was going to refer you to @Kiron Bondale’s post, 6 ways to provide someone with a copy of a board you own, but I see that the board is in View only mode, so I don’t think it’s possible to copy it - usually I would just do a Ctrl + A to copy the entire board’s contents and then Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V to copy-and-paste it into another board.

The board owner can be found by selecting the template, then the three-dot/ellipsis menu, and then Info. Do you know this person and could reach out to them to request a copy of the template? If they agree, they could export the board and send you a copy of it (steps in the above link).


Just a heads up for next time that you may get an even quicker response if you post your questions in the Got a Question? Ask the Community I don’t believe that we can move the posts ourselves, but surely someone such as @Marina will see this and move it :grinning:

@JeremyJ Exactly what Rob said. It’s as easy as copy and paste IF the original board is unlocked and can be edited.

Hi @Rob Johnson @Isman Tanuri 

Thanks for your answer. 

I thought that the changelog discussion was also for asking new features. I didn’t see the “wishlist” channel.


@Rob Johnson, I can contact the owner of the board and ask her to change or to copy the board. But it’s quite a long process. 

At Mural or Figma, you just have to use the “/.duplicate” url and you have the board in your space. 

Much more easy than asking, change the member right, … 

@Marina it’s possible to move the topic on the Wishlist or do i have to create a news topic in wishlist ?


Have a good day 


Hi @JeremyJ, i’m not familiar with Mural or Figma, but wouldn’t such a feature be a potential security-incidence-waiting-to-happen if anyone can duplicate a board without the owner’s approval/knowledge?

Hi @JeremyJ! Thanks for highlighting this as a Wishlist topic! 

I’m Product Manager at Miro. Currently, we don’t have such functionality as you are requesting. 

However, we have something similar in our backlog. I want to learn more about your case: what do you need this board in your account for, and where this board is coming from?

Has anyone else faced a similar issue? 

Hi @Alex Rodnyy. My Consultant Plan’s team use case is as follows:

  • I have a custom template that I have created and want to share with colleagues.
  • I put it in a board and set the board’s Share settings to Anyone with the link Can view.
  • None of the objects in the board are locked.
  • I then send the board link to a colleague who is not a member of my Miro team where the board was created.
    • I send a link to view the board and not a .rtb board backup file as I want them to be able to view it - additionally, Free Plan users cannot complete the Upload from backup action.
    • When I send them the link to the board, I have also given then my permission to use the template and therefore it would be my expectation that they should somehow be take a copy of the board - Ctrl + A/Ctrl + C, download, duplication, etc.
  • When the user view my board, they cannot save a copy of the board contents - just as @JeremyJ has described.

Everyone - While we’re on the topic of publicly shared boards, I noticed something odd (to me) during my testing of this post.

I added what I found here as its own question: Side toolbar not loading in publicly shared View only board

Hi @Alex Rodnyy 

I’m leading a community of facilitators.

We always share Miro board (more as a template) with each other. 

So often, a facilitator like a board and want to use this board. So the facilitator wants to duplicate the board in his own miro space.

Don’t hesitate if you want more information. 


@JeremyJ , 

Are you able to duplicate your boards for non-team members or guest viewers? 

This is a challenge I am having at the moment. I am trying to duplicate my master board for my guest viewer students. :thinking:





@JeremyJ - You may have seen already that I mentioned you in a post about a new feature, but for everyone else, there is a new feature starting to roll out that will let soon let you share a board to another Miro user just by sending the a link to a board that is configured with a new board-level permissions settings - have a read:

@JeremyJ - The option to manage board content permissions has been released and is now available for all Consultant, Team, Business, and Education plan users. This new feature will now allow you to share a board by URL, as long as you have configured the board as per the 

Try it out by clicking on this board that I have shared as Anyone with the link → Can view and have set the Board Content Settings to Anyone with the board access: