Unable to search image names


Ive noticed if you upload an image called New_option1.jpg  you used to be able to use Miro search and type in the search inside Miro for a part of the name eg “new” or “option” and it would appear in the search.

Now nothing at all comes comes up for some reason? Why is that

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Hey Mark - How are you uploading the image? 

I’m not able to reproduce, when I drag an image to the board, I’m still able to search it by name without any issues. 

Can you provide a bit more context on what is happening on your end?


Hi Addisson


I am referring to being able to search for the name of the file - not a text field.

I am uploading / syncing it though sketch - the artboard is called for example
“Profile - Edit Physical Address”

I can see the image load up on the board and if I select it I can see the file name of
“Profile - Edit Physical Address.png” in the bar that appears above the image

But if I search for the word profile nothing returns in the search results 

Image file names no longer appear in search results?

What's really interesting is it doesn’t seem to recognise the artboard name when exported

Similarly if I export an artboard and then resync it it uploads but creates a new copy and doesnt replace the old one.

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Ah - okay so this sounds like the Sketch import isn’t saving the image (and artboard) names to the Miro Board / Search anymore. 

Can you verify that if you drag an image to a board (without Sketch), that the image/name appears in search?


Hi @Addison Schultz - yes I can confirm by dragging and dropping an image onto the board it from a desktop folder it retains the file name.

Plus the filename is returned / shows up when you search for it.



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Hey @Mark McIntyre ,


Definitely a bug with the Sketch integration at the moment - I’ll pass it over to the team, hopefully we can resolve it quickly!