[RESOLVED] Anyone else having issues with deleted board contents?

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Hi everyone, 

We have restored the majority of the content that has been partially missing from some of the customer boards as of October 09, 2020, 12:23 UTC.

If you believe some of your content is still missing, we encourage you to reach out to our support team via this form.

We are continuing to investigate the incident to ensure this doesn't happen again, and will follow-up with a summary once we have more information.

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My boards were 100% restored. Many thanks to the dev team, good job!

I am still missing boards and data from boards.

Frustrated and Angry

My content is still missing as well as of mid-day 12 Oct. I’ve sent my details as requested, but it would be good to get an ETA on restoring the content.

Good Day, May I get a help or follow up. 

The restored board is still deleted boards. Please Help!


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@Nick Kramer @MikeJBA @SellonoidXD,

I’m awfully sorry to hear this!

I’ve asked the Support team to reply to your tickets asap :pray_tone2:  


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

I have been waiting for a reply since early Monday (Australia time) about a board with 80% of the content deleted. Still have no content restored and no reply from Miro.

This board has over 1 months work in it and an incredible number of hours. If I had known that issues like this existed with Miro, I would have backed it up every day or taken a copy. I know now.

Not sure how to get Miro to answer my ticket as I can’t find a way to contact except via support tickets so I am trying the community to see if this helps to get an answer.

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Hi @Jackie,

I’m sorry to hear this! I’ll let the Support team know that you are still waiting for their response.

All of 6 months works are gone.:sob: Have sent an support ticket 2 days ago, but still no response… Would anyone please contact me? We are on the paid plan and all of our colleagues are heavy users of Miro. We are not sure if any of the board have missing content. 

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Hi @Shuk Hing Ho,

I am sorry to hear this :pensive: I’ve asked the team to reply to your ticket asap. 

Hi @Marina,

Thank you for your help. The team has restored my board on 8 Oct’s condition. However, There are still lot of content is missing  :sob: ... Therefore,I believe the content has been missing before that. 



Shuk Hing Ho