[RESOLVED] Anyone else having issues with deleted board contents?

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Hello , my team is facing the same problem . 

How soon is soon? all our work is dependent on the Miro board. Could MIRO  expedite the restoring process.

a bit of anxiety kicking in guys!

Woohoo my board is back! Thanks so much for restoring it!

Still waiting for my board to reappear.

:tired_face: ​​​​​​​

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Here the same: all my students are freaking out because of the loss of their work….. I contacted support and hope they will restore the board soon…. 

My boards still missing … We freaking out at work!!!!

Any chance of an update of the incident status, the progress of boards restoration and finally information about the root cause and the actions taken to avoid this type of incident in the future ?
Thanks in advance!

I’ve hade the same issue with one of my boards where about 70% of the content disappeared. I have colleagues that reported having other boards with missing content as well.

Turns out I’ve just received a message on that same board with a link for a new board with all the content RESTORED up to the date of the problem.

So problem solved for me! Hopefully, they are going to reach out to everyone.

I lost most of the content off a board that I spent a day created.  I went to use the board today for a sales presentation -NO CONTENT.

How can I get this board back?


As a paying customer, I am not happy

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Hi everyone, 

We have restored the majority of the content that has been partially missing from some of the customer boards as of October 09, 2020, 12:23 UTC.

If you believe some of your content is still missing, we encourage you to reach out to our support team via this form.

We are continuing to investigate the incident to ensure this doesn't happen again, and will follow-up with a summary once we have more information.

I am still missing boards and data from boards.

Frustrated and Angry

My content is still missing as well as of mid-day 12 Oct. I’ve sent my details as requested, but it would be good to get an ETA on restoring the content.