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  • 2 February 2021
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On left of dashboard, we have a list of project

This list is sort by alpha.

The idea to keep it KISS

Choose “separator” (perhaps configurable if some account  have already this symbol in a project name.

If I create the following list of project

  • group 1 - project 1
  • group 1 - project 2
  • group 1 - project 3
  • group 2
  • group 2 - project 1
  • group 2 - project 2
  • group 3 - project 1
  • group 4 - subgroup 1 - project 1
  • group 4 - subgroup 1 - project 2
  • group 4 - subgroup 2 - project 1


It’s display 

  • group 1 >
  • group 2 >
  • group 3 - project 1
  • group 4 >


If I click on group 1

I see

  • < <
  • project 1
  • project 2
  • project 3


If I click on group 2

as group 2 exist, it’s both board container and sub-project container
I see

  • < <
  • group 2
  • project 1
  • project 2

If I click on group 4

I see

  • < <
  • subgroup 1 >
  • subgroup 2 - project 1

Like this, it’s really portable, it’s only an interface hack.

but still a list of project  with a literal name.

So  yes, to rename group 4, I need to rename  3 projects… but  it’s “simple”

(and  a  bulk rename tool can help to resolve this

This technic is compatible  to sort the project list

  • 1 - project red wich must be first
  • 2 - project blue
  • 3 - project green

instead  of

  • project blue
  • project green
  • project red wich must be first

Don’t need to ask to devs to build a drag and drop tool 

Don’t need to ask to devs to store a rank in list  ;)


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Hey @Christophe GESCHÉ!

Anton from Miro product team is here.

Thank you for the suggestion. I truly understand the proposed solution, but I’d like to better understand your needs in order to create the best solution. 

Could you please elaborate on your use case?

How would you like to structure your Miro assets in an ideal world? What is your current workaround? How do you usually do this on other SaaS?

Does the inability for creation sub-folders limit Miro usage?

Sorry for the bunch of questions, if it is more convenient, I’d love to chat with you over Zoom. Drop me a direct message if you are available.



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I admit that my proposal is solution-oriented and not need-oriented because it is inspired by a similar problem that I had when I was developing an opensource solution 18 years ago where "simplicity" was one of the important points of attention.

Need 1

be able to sort projects

Need 2

Have a notion of sub-folder

I’m not alone.

the strength of my proposal is that it's still flat, which passes for nested via the interface
There is no problem changing the storage to nested.

Like the markdown, the "structure" is readable but in raw list.

I am the admin of miro.
I am also the accompanist for the creator of board.
More by passion than by expertise.

We advocate transparency, so the teams are very large

So a lot of boarding in a lot of themes.

With  very many board   we need more than one level project list

There are 2 ways to classify.

* A tree structure
* a system of labels

The second is much more powerful, but the reflex of all users is the tree. They feel better in this organization.

Note it is very easy to switch from one to the other, just allow a board to be in several "projects".


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We use share link of miro board, and we share them in  Microsoft Teams/ conversation 


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As a small follow-up to this: It would also be great to have a “drag & drop” feature to easily move boards to projects :)

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Hey @Christophe GESCHÉ!

Anton from Miro product team is here.

Does the inability for creation sub-folders limit Miro usage?


@Anton Telitsyn:

Definitely: Yes

It is the same question for a Windows/Mac - User if he would miss something when he not get the chance to build Folders/Subfolders

The today workflow is that you can do this and it would really help if we’re able to do this in projects or in our own templates.

The flexibility and the power to organize that miro gives us should be reflected by this:

And of course:
One day we should be able to drag & drop this new folder structure like we know this from all other programs … it should not be today/tomorrow but one day in the near future it really would be a powerful/useful must have. :open_file_folder:  :file_folder:

It should belong to miro like the stickies belong to it.