Color Palette Management

  • 14 July 2020
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I would absolutely love a robust color management tool set. It’s too easy to lose palettes and brand standards in the current dot matrix. Swatches from the Adobe CC Suite are a great starting reference point.

A double wish-list item would be to integrate with a service like Coolors that can generate palettes based on primary or secondary colors, to quickly iterate off brand hex values.

Here are some possibilities

  • Collapsible navigation
  • Drag and Drop Re-Ordering
  • Palette Export / Import
  • Search engine that allows searching by mood, brand or keyword
  • Palette generation and color locking feature

I took a few minutes and drafted a mock-up inside Miro to get the point across. Would be curious what ideas others have. Feel free to copy / paste and add on to the starting point below, just re-lock my shapes when you’re done and add your name and date in the frame to serve as a timestamp. Excited to see what the community comes up with!



7 replies

  • Drag and Drop Re-Ordering !!! would be really handy, like the mac color plate interface 
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yep, in simple terms though I’d just like a palette I could associate with particular clients - can add a real sense of a ‘finish’ to a Board.

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I would also like a feature where Standard Colors could be made available, like a library, to Company Users.

Cant believe the stickies don’t have the same color addition palette that shapes do

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While we’re on the subject, for those who didn’t know, if you want to get rid of a custom color you have created, just click-and-drag it out of your swatch :slight_smile:


There was a question posted a short while back asking how to get rid of these and it had a number of us stumped - it’s referenced in the Colors on the Board help article.

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Over three years of using Miro I now have hundreds of custom colors (I’m exaggerating a bit) wish there was a Batch Clear feature.

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@Brandon Lee - Greetings from Saskatchewan! If I had almost 100 custom colours to remove, I would probably take the time to set up a macro recorder app to delete them all for me, not only to play with some tech, but also to have the satisfaction of having not removed all of the colours manually :wink: