colour palette (brand style)

would be nice to be able to import/save colour* palettes that align with company/project style.


*(note correct spelling of ‘colour’ ;-)

@Don McIntyre -

Great idea! The workaround I’ve used has been to use the eyedropper to create custom colors by pasting an image into Miro which has the colors I want. Those custom colors are then added to your palette across all boards (see below):


ah yes, good call - didn’t realise that was possible - thanks :-)

I just posted this same thought, going beyond the add color / dot matrix organization method. I better organized my thoughts at the link below, including a mock-up:

@Kiron Bondale I’ve done that too, it’a decent workaround. The annoying thing is that your custom colours are placed at the bottom, although they are the ones you’re most likely to use. Not great from a UX perspective.

would be great if you could place custom colours at the top of the palette

It wold be great to be able to offer the company color and font options as the default options across the whole team. 

We need instantiation and labeled colors.

I voted for this other color pallet idea. Isn't it the same?

I think we should consolidate the two ideas and double the votes.

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