How do you Miro? Calendar challenge 📅

  • 28 November 2022
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How do you Miro? Calendar challenge  📅
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UPDATE: Submissions open until January 20!


Hi Miro Community! 


As we are coming close to end of 2022, it’s time to start planning for the next year. How do you use Miro for a fun visual calendar? We announce a beginner-friendly Miro board challenge! 🤠 This is your chance to level up your Miro skills, WOW your team and win an iPad (YEP!). We have compiled all learning & inspiration resources you might need if you don’t feel confident in your skills yet 😉


Who can participate?

Absolutely anyone! 


Submission requirements:

  1. Has to be built in Miro (adding images and assets is fine, but the structure has to be built in Miro)
  2. Has to have some examples of how to use it (not be completely empty)
  3. Has to have a calendar aspect to it (week-quarter-year, etc)
  4. Has to be easy to copy and use 
  5. Has to be fun to use!!


How to enter the challenge:

  1. Create your template in Miro
  2. Register an account on Miroverse
  3. Submit your template
  4. Post it in this thread!




Submissions open November 28 - December 12, 2022, announcing winners on Dec 20! 

Update: Due to a popular request we continue accepting submissions until January 20! Announcing winners January 25


Good luck!

26 replies

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Time to start our next - March - challenge! 
Read the details in this thread.
Please note, that we now calculate votes and likes in Miroverse for the people's choice award, so the earlier you publish the higher the chances are for winning.