How do you Miro? Calendar challenge 📅

  • 28 November 2022
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How do you Miro? Calendar challenge  📅
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UPDATE: Submissions open until January 20!


Hi Miro Community! 


As we are coming close to end of 2022, it’s time to start planning for the next year. How do you use Miro for a fun visual calendar? We announce a beginner-friendly Miro board challenge! 🤠 This is your chance to level up your Miro skills, WOW your team and win an iPad (YEP!). We have compiled all learning & inspiration resources you might need if you don’t feel confident in your skills yet 😉


Who can participate?

Absolutely anyone! 


Submission requirements:

  1. Has to be built in Miro (adding images and assets is fine, but the structure has to be built in Miro)
  2. Has to have some examples of how to use it (not be completely empty)
  3. Has to have a calendar aspect to it (week-quarter-year, etc)
  4. Has to be easy to copy and use 
  5. Has to be fun to use!!


How to enter the challenge:

  1. Create your template in Miro
  2. Register an account on Miroverse
  3. Submit your template
  4. Post it in this thread!




Submissions open November 28 - December 12, 2022, announcing winners on Dec 20! 

Update: Due to a popular request we continue accepting submissions until January 20! Announcing winners January 25


Good luck!

26 replies

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Dear @marie beyssac @Unai-SL @Willow Willow @Samantha Brooks @Jaipriya.Pandiyan @Kacia Hughett @Karen M @Miriam Pörings @AshishShenigaram @Black Tomorrows 

First of all, thank you very much for your amazing submissions - it’s been so exciting to see how differently and creatively people can approach the visualization of such a common thing as a calendar. Miro Community has already seen a ton of value from your contributions.

But, as it’s the challenge, we all want to know the winner. 
Our amazing judges @Annie @Kristin @Boris Ageev and I anonymously voted on several criteria, evaluating the template’s ease of use, layout, and relevance to Miro’s core audience and community.

Ta-da! I am happy to announce the winners of this How do you Miro? Calendar challenge 📅 

Ladies and gentlemen, 

The winners are:

  • Judges’ Choice (asynchronous voting of 4 judges) - 
    🎉 @Black Tomorrows & Feb '23 Calendar 🎉
  • People’s Choice (total number of likes and savings on Miroverse) - 
    🎉 @Miriam Pörings and Workday Calendar · Timeline 2023 🎉
    🎉 @Kacia Hughett and 2023 Calendar 🎉
  •  plus
    🎉 @marie beyssac and Personal Vision Journal & Planner 2023 🎉


We want to thank everyone for participating in this challenge and sharing your awesome boards! 

I will reach out in dm to get your postal address and the prizes will soon be on their way to the winners.

Stay tuned for the next challenge! 


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Thank you for your amazing submissions @marie beyssac @Unai-SL @Willow Willow @Samantha Brooks @Jaipriya.Pandiyan @Kacia Hughett @Karen M @Miriam Pörings @AshishShenigaram!

Due to a popular request we’ve decided to PROLONG the contest until January 20 to give members more time because of the holiday breaks ❄️❄️ 💃 

This means that submissions are still open! Continue submitting your calendar templates and let me know if you have any questions 🕺


Happy Holidays!


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Our team has been so excited to see the many submissions you all shared-- Thank you! Our Miroverse team will need a little extra time to process all of these great submissions so we will have to pause on announcing a winner today. We will hopefully share an update next week on when we’ll be making winner announcements! As always, thank you for your patience and for being part of this wonderful community!

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So excited to see what is produced!  Lets start 2023 with a plan!  😁

Also check out the PowerPack App if you want to quickly add calendar elements to your board.  

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Template is now approved, woooo! 🎉


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So excited to see the number of submissions!  


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Hi Manouska! 

Any updates?

Hi @Willow Willow! Thanks for following up! Our  team is already in progress of tallying up the scores and will be announcing winners in the next couple days. Thank you and all of our community for your continued patience here!

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Does there need to be a specific use case, i.e. gym calendar, work calendar or just a calendar?


Still in review. But excited : )


Happy to share my calendar too! It’s still in review

Here’s mine! 🙌

Uploading mine : but it’s in review phase..

Here’s mine and it’s also in the review phase.

Here’s mine too,


It’s in the review phase...

Here’s another one 😁

Here is my template 🤓: So excited to see all the results!

(In review phase)

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Hey Everyone! 

Here is my submission for the Calendar Challenge 🙌:

(in review phase)

😀 🔥 🚀




Here is my submission (still in review)! 😊

Hi Manouska! 

Any updates?

Is there a limit to the number of submissions we can provide?

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Does there need to be a specific use case, i.e. gym calendar, work calendar or just a calendar? 

Just any calendar you might use! Work related as well as personal use calendars will be accepted 🤗

Update: Its published

I am happy to share that my calender has been published 😊

Miriam Pörings's Workday Calender · Timeline 2023 template | Miroverse

Here is my submission (still in review)! 😊


FYI: the link was updated!

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Time to start our next - March - challenge! 
Read the details in this thread.
Please note, that we now calculate votes and likes in Miroverse for the people's choice award, so the earlier you publish the higher the chances are for winning.