Upload .MOV/mp4 videos

The absence of this feature makes is almost impossible to use Miro as our go-to design tool. 

It is super needed feature! Also it was mentioned on realtimeboard advantages years ago. Would be really nice to see it!

But it’s not the same at all as paste playable Instagram post 

The ability to add video is a definite shortcoming. The cloud hosted workaround doesn’t work for us - we use the Miro spaces as a collective brainstorming location for developers and designers.. a lot of work-in-progress is posted from the design team.. but there’s no way the dev outputs to .mp4 can be posted to an external (public) environment prior to launch. at the moment we just share the video around on slack to participants on the Miro board.. Not a good solution. This is definitely an upvote from me.

I totally support/upvote this feature suggestion from @Rachael N. As a total newbie to (the otherwise very flexible Miro), it is already unusable for me unfortunately, because of the lack of such a core feature like this.  

Please consider to add mp4 possibilities. Motion graphics and short social media videos are super important in our workflow.

The ability in insert an instagram/youtube/vimeo video would make MIRO 100000% more useful

We’d like to be able to do a screen recording of a prototype we’re working on, give a guided walkthrough, then post the video on Miro for feedback.


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The ability in insert an instagram/youtube/vimeo video would make MIRO 100000% more useful

You can already do that.


But dropping .mp4 or other common video formats directly onto a board would be amazing.  I’m sure Miro doesn’t particularly want to host that much video; I’d be perfectly happy with some limitations on video length.  Common use case is wanting to embed a snippet of video for a presentation; if I’m making longer videos, Youtube is a better host anyway.

Pretty please? Otherwise I’ll keep filling your file servers with 30 MB gifs instead of 1 MB mp4s 😝

Yes please. Can’t show full designs etc. without staff and clients being able to view the video.

Can someone from the Miro team provide an update as to any progress on adding short .mov and/or .mp4 files to the list of accepted file formats? There’s clearly a need, based on this thread. It would be great to hear from the folks who make this awesome tool.

+1 🙏

Please add this feature asap. Apple Freeform offers some great features to add to Miro, please look at the Freeform features. Add videos, when you click on them on desktop it scales larger. Also with images, use a shortcut or space just to scale large. Awesome features.