Multiple people per card

As simple as that: I would like to set multiple people per card.

Why? In our team, we like to pair and we would like to reflect that on our visual management board.


While we wait for this, I will share my team’s workaround of using tags


Hi, it has been a while now. Can this featurebe implemented? Please!

It’s indeed hard to believe that the assign feature has only 1 person to allocate. Miro is such a great tool with so many bells and whistles, but yet missing very basic stuff. Miro - please find a senior engineer to review ideas and features (from consistency and scalability p.o.v.), and it will be an even greater success!

Hi, really need this functionality added. Thx

I don’t want to mess with tags, as I use those for other purposes, so please make this possible !

This is a feature that really should be available. Using tags as a workaround doesn’t fit my teams needs. Please!

My team just had this issue — we were excited about using assignment to kanban cards, but then found we need to use tags for each team member, because multiple-assignment doesn’t work.

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