Cards: Assign multiple people to one card

Sometimes in our kanban boards we have tasks that regard more than one user. It would be nice to assign more than one user at a time (maybe up to 5?). Right now we use labels for that, but being able to assign users and use labels for categories as intended would be great!

I second this, being able to add more than one assignee would be fantastic, and give that ability to use MIRO as a more robust task manager.


There are lots of requests to improve and develop cards.  I hope Miro is listening. :wink:

We desperately need this!

I can just second this as well - only having this as a single select makes it not usable. We need multiple people on widgets and currently have to use tags for that, which is not at all handy. Like it is right now, it is not usable :(

please add this!! we really need it and its so simple!

Yes, I agree fully with the above mentioned points. Once you can assign multiple people to a card I do believe it becomes also handy to attribute them with roles, like someone being in the lead and someone else just in a supporting role.


I imagine integrating multiple users on a task is fairly easy to implement. 


However, I would be interested to know what Miro is planning to do with guest users, who don't haven account within the team or business. Would that be solved via a free text entry? Or what ideas has this community?

I support this idea! Also maybe for the tracking cause, we should enable a notification via mail for overdue cards or cards to be overdue soon!


Adding my comment just to keep poking MIRO on this!! 
As suggested by Vincent, it would be great not only to have more assignee, but also to have tasks leads and tasks collaborators, so two different levels of assignee. But this said… at least to be able to assign several people!!! 

We are in the process of discussing with MIRO an enterprise account for our company now and this would be an essential feature for us if we are to switch from our current collaborative platform to MIRO.

Similar story here - a group of us (UX, Design and Research leads) have a board which we use to keep track of what tasks we're working on, some of which we're working on together. Ideally we would use cards and assign them to the right people then use the Cards panel to view the ones assigned to us but you can only assign one person to a card.

So we're currently using sticky notes with tags for our names, then searching with filter but that's not as useful as you have to jump to each one to see what state it's in, whereas in Cards view you can at least see the colour (which we're using to indicate status).

Therefore please make cards assignable to more than one person so that we can use that functionality to improve our productivity.

At the moment it is only possible to add one team member to a card. However, it regularly occurs that a card is relevant for more than one person. It would be nice if it possible to link a card to several people.

Absolutely. This would be great. Sometimes we have multiple designers on a task at the same time or working through workshop/sprint design and this would allow us to add them all to the same task.

Yes please !

Hi! I also really miss being able to add more assignees to one card. We are several agile teams working in one board and have a challenge in getting an easy overview of which tasks people are part of (apart from the ones they own themselves and are assigned).

Was there any updates around this in the Miro Distributed? Or where is this feature in the pipeline Miro?

Multiple assignees feature is a must. Especially if you use the board with a multi disciplinary team of designers, for example. Very annoying that I can’t assign designer + researcher. Even designer+PM may be a case sometimes. @DzmitryBasenka do you read this??

Definitely a must have!!!

Agree with this! Also, a really nice feature would be to have a personal dashboard that shows you all your tasks from different boards.

Yes please! very much needed

We would also greatly appreciate the ability to assign multiple people

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Same here - To really use Kanban with MIRO I need to assign task to more people