Freeform, filled shapes

It would be really useful to be able to draw freeform shapes that have a colour fill.

We are architects and using Miro to run design workshops remotely. It’s really useful to be able to colour parts of a drawing in to illustrate ideas, but only rarely does what we want to colour relate to the predefined filled shapes available. 

Could work with the existing freeform line tool, adding the ability to connect the two ends to make a closed shape, or could be a standalone drawing tool. 

I would like to reiterate this need. A polyline tool with a fill capability would be incredibly useful for all forms of drawing and collaboration.

A quick google search in attempt to find this feature has brought me here, surprised this feature doesn’t currently exist.  Can we have it please :grin:

Just jumping on and saying I need this tool! Particularly for my CX journey and mapping customer emotions overtime. 

At the moment I result to exporting Miro to Adobe Illustrator to do this. Which isn't ideal! Would rather remain in Miro as I often need to change blueprints overtime.

Also a polyline tool that doesn’t by default try to connect to images would be great. We are always sketching on TOP of images, and I only realized recently that holding control suppresses the auto-connecting behavior.

+1 on the request !!

+1 on this request, please. 

It would be helpful if at very least I could modify the form of an existing shape. 

Change a filled rectangle into another form. 

Benefit. Would allow me to involve more non-designers in the creation of Service maps/ user journeys. 

Why do it in Figma when we could involve non-designer to provide input themselves within Miro! 

+100! Agreed.  This would be so useful to be able to create polylines in Miro.  Currently, alternative is to piece together from other geos or draw in illustrator and import (not ideal) .  

I would love this feature as well. It would make Miro almost perfect :)

I think this is not a wish to have, but a must have. Something else that should have are boolean operations with those free shapes, at least with the existing ones. Optimal if they could be vectors with handles.

YEs PLEASE!!!!!! A polyline tool woudl be awesome!!


I’m a visual facilitator and agile coach. I do use painting programs to replace the standard flipchart, but also needed to use Miro for collaborative work with participients. 

I do own a Graphic Tablet (with a screen, XP-PEN) and draw A LOT on the miro canvas, not using the mouse but a pen. I can’t use the iconfinder, its way to slow for my pace and interups my work and my connection with the audiance. I paint everything fresh, so no inserting of premade templates here.

The drawing possibilities are not sufficient for a professional visual facilitator. The drawing objects approach is not bad, but it’s no a real vector drawing tool. Can resize, move points or fill closed shapes. 

A Polyfill tool is a starting point, but not flexibel enough. Freehand and multipoint setting with straight lines or curves gives much needed flexibility.

Right know it like I’m in a kids coloring book: I paint the outline in black, and then color it with cross strokes or “rubbing” line a kid with crayons. And the crayons dont scale well enough, the biggest brush tip size is not big enough for large graphics, and doesn’t scale with the size of the canvas.

Layer support is awkward, and is more a hussle then helpfull. Bring to front  and back is evil micromanaging, lasting in a boring and hindering process of clicking things in the right order, menu bring to front, click, menu … endless fun.

The given shapes are way to limited, and you can’t combine then by boolen operation (add, substract etc.) to a new one. 

There should be no difference between hand drawn shapes and icons from the finder (which needs a custom group feature, see Visio on how to organize Drag and Drop Icons instead of searchbar - I need to use autohotkey to quick insert frequently used icons right now ...). Both objecttypes should have the same color, fill, text and boolean operations to it. Rights now each “drawind object” feels just hotglued to the rest of miro. Hard to learn, what goes and what’s no working which each.

So: polyform fill yes, but it’s not enough to replace a real flipchart approach which is used in almost 100% of every agile training of every trainer today. Adjust your style to the tool’s approach? Why should I in 2021? Ease of use, yeah ok, but drop all poweruser features and go back to triangles and squares like in the 80th? 

Maybe a better idea is to buy and integrate a good other vector painting app, instead of gold-plating the simple drawing feature of today?


A polyline / freeform shape tool as mentioned by everyone above is one of the first features I looked for on Miro. It is very limiting to not include this! Disappointed

A google search for this feature also brought me here. It’s definitely an obstacle to have to export my miro board to illustrator to make the elements that I want, then put everything back into miro. I’d like to echo the sentiments of this thread! 

+1 for this feature. I don’t know how to proceed without it for my visualisation needs...

+1  yes please.  our team very much needs this.  A polyline with fill and opacity would be incredibly useful for the drawings we mark up.  Thank you.

We need this tool, a freeform poli line shape tool with fill, stroke, color and transparence options.

Its really needed


Adding to the list! This is a really important feature. 

do Miro developers even read these boards? Me thinks not … BUT THEY SHOULD!!!!

The polygon tool is essential. Not having it will be a reason to switch to another app. Please add this tool!!


As Architects that are deploying Miro for our collaborative sessions with clients, having a freeform polyline tool would be invaluable!

Need this ASAP. Do a lot of co-creation workshops and this would be incredibly useful to trying to present client and user ideas in a visual way. Would prefer to do it on miro than to go onto illustrator or adobe xd and paste something in that nobody else can edit. 

Genuinely unsure of why this hasn’t been implemented yet. I love Miro but without features like this I might use it less and as we start moving back into the offices.

A Google search for this feature brought me here. Found myself visualizing some insights and in need to mark a specific area of my board with a border. Now the border is just a poly line, but would be awesome to make it a proper filled shape with a color.