Embedd a Miro Frame into a Google Doc

We create diagrams using Miro and I constantly have to export them to place them into relevant google documents. When a diagram is updated I then have to do so again. It would be great to be able to embed Miro Frames into live google documents so that updating the Miro frame would live update on my document.


+1, this would be such a cool feature to have!

Hey, Miro team. Google Docs has an ability to import an image by URL. Why not make boards have specific URLs that would render a .png image of the board when loaded? I think that’s the easiest way without the need to go to Google and beg them to incorporate Miro boards into Google Docs somehow on their end.

This would be so great!

Why not make boards have specific URLs that would render a .png image of the board when loaded?

Sounds relatively straight forward @Jan Guardian 

Agree, that would be so helpful! A quick upgrade that would be very effective :)

Would certainly be nice.

Seems to be a problem on the Google side….


Is this still not possible, anyone make it work with a zap or anything else...or just a no-go, it is manually export/import?

Is anyone from Miro looking at this community site? 
It’s been 2 years and still no feedback from Miro...

That would be so awesome!!

A google doc or a Google slide.


Microsoft tteams can embeded board in their feed.

That would be very very usefull for us!0

one more crazy to the hord

Any update on this?



LucidChart can do this so it can’t be entirely on the Google side.

Such a simple thing - shocked that this doesn’t exist yet

100% agreed, this would definitely increase miro usage across my organisation!

+1 from me if thats useful to support Miro feature prioritisation!

We are a Google Drive & Miro house - and the 2 don’t work particularly well together.

This is one example - there are others!

If there were something that integrated better, we would be tempted to switch (despite loving Miro) because of the benefits to be gained from having the 2 tightly coupled/integrated.

Yes, please do this!