Embed or link a Miro Board within another Miro Board / Nested boards

I would like to nest boards within other boards.  Is that possible ?

Full embedding would be nice but linking/referencing is also good.


What are the different ways to do this?



@DidierB - since you can add URLs as references within a board in a text box for example, why not just link to the URL for the “child” board you wish to connect to from its “parent”?

Hi @Kiron Bondale & @DidierB 

this is a good question because of the following:

Few of my clients got problems around the same area.

For this problem I created one solution board, which I often use in a consultation.

It would help if I could embedd this solution board into the clients board - without switching it to public access.

Of course it could help - and that might be a solution to create a Template out of this complete board but it is not updated in realtime.

For the workflow it would be better to have one board that I can update and each update will be reflected inside the clients board.



For me it makes no sense why i have to switch my own created board to public access because i have invited my client to my own board.
It should be possible to link and embed to my own content without any limitations



We run live, online workshops and I want to pull the text entered in one board into the next exercise on the next board. Perhaps updating a third-party app like airtable is the way to go for now?

I got the opposite challenge. I want to keep links relative to other items within the board, when I paste it it in to a new board. I created a separate question for this: https://community.miro.com/got-a-question-ask-the-community-45/is-there-a-way-to-make-links-stay-relative-to-different-items-when-pasting-in-to-a-new-board-512

Would be great to make a group or collection of elements, and collapse them to a group (one node).  Maybe double clicking it or click a button on it expands it, or let’s you dive into it.

I am currently moving from Milanote to Miro but Milanote handles nesting quite decently. In Milanote, you can create a shortcut to a board and when you place it in another board, it will show up as a neatly designed icon. 

Hey @Ivan Guerrero, @midicool, could you elaborate on your use cases? Why do you want to “hide” some information as nested expandable objects?

@Anton Telitsyn I don’t have needs for embedding other boards, but I like Milanote’s pretty hyperlink icon approach.

I use online brainstorming tools to archive processes I’ve learned. For example, if I learned how to use machine learning to train images which take 20 steps and I cannot guarantee I will recall the process after a month, I draw the process on online brainstorming tools. On that board, if I added hyperlinks to my other boards named “Google Colab Operation” or “Google Tensor flow Installation” or  “AI website list”, sometimes those come in handy. 

@midicool - got it, thanks! So your goal is to get a seamless way to deep dive into a specific topic when you need to refresh the knowledge being on another board, isn't it?

@Anton Telitsyn Yes, correct. 

@Anton Telitsyn Another example from me.

I run a portfolio of projects. I’m looking for each project to have its own board. I’m then looking to collate a portfolio board, with all the independent project boards nested. Flipping between browser tabs of the project boards is an option, but it’s not an ideal solution for my work style. After work has been conducted on a project board opened independently, the nested project board inside the portfolio board would be updated. Ideally, when a project board is modified inside the portfolio board, those modifications trickle down to the independently saved project board.


(I’ve just started to use Miro, but it looks like we’ll be picking up a team subscription in the next couple of weeks, if not I have the go-ahead to expense a personal subscription. I’m looking forward to learning how to really use this tool)  

Hey @Carl Hensman! Thank you for the example! If you are available for a Zoom call, I’ll be happy to learn more about your work style.

Our use case:

We run planning sessions and have to go from high level to low level. There is one miro for how it all connects and then one miro per feature. We want to have a brief summary Frame in each individual miro that appears in the high-level miro to guarantee it’s in sync.

This is the only feature I am voting on because nested Frames would do the most impact on my workflow. It could even start by not having them editable.

Thanks in advance!

Seems like embedding of boards now possible: https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016335640-Embedding-Editable-Boards-into-Websites and since it’s possible to embed anything in Iframe inside a board it’s also possible to embed a board inside a board.


It doesn’t feel great this way tough

Yes, it is possible now. I understand the solution is not ideal, but it is like a first step to this approach. 

I will be happy to get your feedback to better understand what should be improved.

@Jarek Rencz this looks promising, but I would like to view the whole embedded board at once and then zoom in for more detail. I guess the best example would be something almost Prezi-like. I recognize it’s a big ask.  The embedded frames as a dynamic summary are a good thing, but a couple of clarifying questions for @Anton Telitsyn  :

  1. Can the single frame be locked? i.e. the person viewing the frame from the embedded board cannot view the other frames from the embedded board or change what is on the viewed frame.
  2. If the embedded frame can be, and is, locked. When embedded a new editable MIRO board will it remain locked, or does the new MIRO board permissions supersede the embedded board?




Hey @Carl Hensman!

I can say how the embedded iframes works now, but I’m trying to investigate your needs to design a better solution :)

If we are speaking of the current possibilities of embeds:

  1. now, it can not be locked. But you can choose between “free navigation” and “presentation” modes for the embed.
  2. Currently the embedded board uses the same sharing setting as the original one.


Does it work for your use cases?

I will be happy to get your feedback to better understand what should be improved.

I use Miro to map existing process, treat it as a documentation and apply changes when they come.

How I would like to use board-in-board is to be able to put the same (not a copy - a reference) board in 2 or more other boards so if I need changing them I change one and only one place

@Anton Telitsyn I’m actually thinking through two scenarios here. So let me separate them.

  1. Considering a portfolio collection, the embedding of the boards, as is, will suffice. Although, I really want to be able to ‘zoom’ straight to different sections so being able to also see the whole layout (as the layout would be standard), as we current see in the bottom right map of an original board, would be good. However, that is a luxury, not a necessity.
  2. I want to be able to embed a single, dynamic, summary slide from a number of boards into a portfolio review board. I don’t want the guests to be able to look through the rest of the embedded ‘sub-boards”, but I do want to conduct meetings and strategy planning meetings within this overarching collective summary board. Therefore, I need the embedded summary slides to be locked, but the guests able to edit and modify other embedded elements. Noting that my guests are my leadership and simply telling them not to do something doesn't work, especially with a tool like MIRO, then we end up down in the weeds and burning up the meeting time. (It’s actually a combination of endearing and frustrating, like trying to keep a toddler out of the biscuit tin.)  

I know that I’m asking for functionality likely outside of your roadmap, but appreciate you trying to understand my business requirements.


BTW - Not related to the above. The team at MIRO obviously understands the need to engage their user community, kudos for that. I also don’t want you to think that I am not appreciative of what you and your team have created in MIRO. When coupled with ZOOM or MS Teams, I find it gives the closest feeling to being in the same physical location when I’m collaborating with people, something vital during the pandemic and that has been needed for a while. So I want to congratulate you and the team on the MIRO platform. Sadly, for some reason, my employer has just adopted enterprise MURAL. However, the program strategy that I reside in has opted to move forward with a smaller license to MIRO as we have found it significantly more useful and intuitive than MURAL, and I have been evangelizing the platform to my external partners, vendors and friends.

I don’t see an option to get the embed code in my export options in my company account. Does it not work with enterprise or it has to be enabled by an admin?

Hey @Andreia Goncalves, is it the same for the board you created by yourself?

@Carl Hensman thanks for sharing your use cases and feedback! It is very valuable for us.

Hey @Andreia Goncalves, is it the same for the board you created by yourself?

In my personal/free miro account for my boards I see the export>embed option.
In my company miro account for my boards that option is not showing, see screenshot.


Hey @Andreia Goncalves!

Yes, it is stated that Enterprise plan admins need to allow public sharing in the Security settings to unlock the embed feature.

Hi All,

Adding my support for embedding other Miro boards. The common use case as already mentioned is to have smaller boards embedded one or many larger boards. You could think of a larger board as the “dashboard” that contains many smaller boards or “widgets”. These smaller boards would be presentation/view only, but someone else might have a case to allow editing.

My other use case is I want to embed just a frame of an existing board in Notion. However, Notion only embeds the entire board. I attempted to use the embed presentation link in Notion but the entire editable board was embedded instead. My workaround is to create a new board with the smaller section/frame of the original board but then I have to maintain the content in two places, unless of course we can embed boards.