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7 ways to organize your Miro board for productive workshops

  • 24 November 2020
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Hello there :slight_smile:  

Do you remember this amazing thread where we discussed different board layouts for trainings and workshops? 

Well, it inspired us to create a blog post, 7 ways to organize your Miro board for productive workshopsfeaturing our own @Isman Tanuri and @Martina Crnkovic :tada:

In this post, we wanted to show how our community and Miroverse contributors organize their boards to make workshops productive and easy to follow. We hope you’ll walk away with new ideas for your next workshop :wink:


:question: How do you organize your board for engaging workshops in Miro? We want to know. Share your ideas in the original thread

1 reply

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Thank you so much for the invitation to feature the board, @Marina ! The other contributions are really good and inspiring too! To make it visually enticing for others to contribute their work in this thread (I’m looking forward to more ideas!), here’s @Martina Crnkovic’s Miro space and mine as featured in the story: