💥 Miro Next: Hype Thread/FAQs

💥 Miro Next: Hype Thread/FAQs
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👋🏾 Hi Miro Community,

My name’s Ashley and I’m an Events Manager here at Miro. I am excited to invite you all to attend Miro Next, a brand new virtual event where you’ll learn how to empower your hybrid team to do more, together.

Join us on May 18th at 8am PT/5pm CEST to jump from “what now?” to “what next” at Miro.

At the event, you will be the first to hear all about  our new product features, partners and integrations.


I can’t share all the details just yet - but let me know in the thread 👇🏾 if:

  • You will be tuning in?
  • There is a product feature (or wish list idea!) you are hoping we’ll announce
  • Any questions you might have about the event



Ashley Jenkins

Events Manager

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Hey Ashley! ✋

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Hey Ashley (and Colleen)! 👋

  1. I will most definitely tune in!
  2. Here are some product features/wish list ideas, in no particular order:
  1. Will there be fika? (ask @Colleen Curtis  for details)

Excited about the event! 🌟

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@Henrik Ståhl - yes, we shall fika! Want to lead it? 

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@Colleen Curtis Oh my! Wasn't prepared for that question, now I get performance anxiety. 😅 But I simply cannot turn down an offer to spread the knowledge of fika to the world. I'm in!

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@Ashley Jenkins -

I’m also looking forward to it. 

It would be great if the product team could commit to knocking off the top 10 most requested/voted enhancements in the wish list forum. I’d imagine Dark Mode and enabling mind map elements to be compressed/contracted would be right up there…

I’d also like to get a good idea if there is a strategy to enable me to eliminate having to use Miro and Zoom for my classes (the latter for robust, high performance video conferencing with classes up to 20, including break out rooms and polling capability).


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Will attend if I can make it. :)

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What’s a fika? @Henrik Ståhl 

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@Mishal I'm glad you asked! Fika is a huge part of Swedish culture (I'm from Sweden) and it's basically just a break from whatever we’re currently doing for like 10-15 minutes, when we drink coffee or tea, have a snack and talk to friends and/or family. Swedes usually fika 3-4 times per day. Or at least 2 times, bare minimum.

Fika cannot be experienced at your desk by yourself. That would just be taking coffee and cake.

Fika can be a verb. Swedes will say to each other, "Let's go and fika!" or "You and I fika together so well".



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@Ashley Jenkins - I’ll be there.

For visibility, here’s the current top-ten Wish List ideas (excluding anonymous visitor name which in is beta):

Wish List Idea (votes as of this reply)

  1. Dark Mode / Night Mode (1046)
  2. Offline mode (898)
  3. Collapsible branches on the mind maps (751)
  4. Folders (directories) in projects (623)
  5. Layers (452)
  6. Change the background color of the board (444)
  7. Find & Replace Text (431)
  8. Custom typeface/font (394)
  9. Entity Relationship Diagram / Cardinality / Crow's Foot Notation (293)
  10. Markdown integration (255)

Personally, I would like the quick-win of integrating the recent connection line round elbows onto the rounded rectangle.

Hi Ashley!

I would like to see a full "card flip" feature (for example, like Tabletopia). Card deck is a great tool for collaboration (education, workshops, icebreakers).

I would love to see this feature prioritized:

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Interesting the top 5: 

  1. Dark Mode / Night Mode (1046)   -- maybe higher due to the commonality of it in other apps
  2. Offline mode (898)  - this is a HUGE feature and a game changer.
  3. Collapsible branches on the mind maps (751)
  4. Folders (directories) in projects (623) -- surprised that this is ranked 4th
  5. Layers (452)
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@Ashley Jenkins - My new favourite idea is this:

Restrict board participants movement to a single frame

While Breakouts (beta) has this functionality, and Meetings used to (and hopefully it comes back), having this available for any frame on-the-fly would be help me keep participants where they should be.


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@Kevin Kinisky Totally agree about folders! It really puzzles me that it is such a popular idea. Sure, nice feature – but top 5? Nah.

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@Ashley Jenkins Other favorites of mine:

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Similar or not so similar to offline mode, I wonder if MIRO would ever consider a FOCUS mode. This would pause any notifications, alerts, etc, and allow someone to be completely immersed within the infinite space of MIRO?