Change the background color of the board

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How to change the background color to white without using a frame?

Yes this would be very helpful to help us to distinguish which board we are in. I would want the option of any colour. not just white.

I would find this helpful for reducing the brightness of my display whilst enjoying working in miro

YES! I want that too. I’m organising a remote workshop and it’s not ideal that I can’t change the background without making frames. 

Yes I’m in full agreement on capability to change background on the board for the purpose of distinguishing the different boards in play.  

That is a really great idea! I think, that apart from background color you should be also able to edit grid: both transparency and color. With both these options this you can fully customize looks & feels of the background.

Having some medical eye issues, being able to change the background color or have a dark mode would be really appreciated!

Having some medical eye issues, being able to change the background color or have a dark mode would be really appreciated!

There is also a feature for switching to dark mode:


Maybe they should be somehow combined? Changing background color with few defined presets (for example dark one) seems to be more versatile.

I think it will be more better if we can change the background into any color, for example: change to black,white,green,blue and more. that will be better because when you use the light color, I nearly cannot see the color

I agree completely with this. I use Miro to share images - being able to set a neutral grey color would allow my colleagues to see the pictures as intended without the distracting white background.

It would be phenomenal to change the background/canvas color. Potentially so there could be a ‘dark theme’ or something else.


I sometimes just make a huge colored square, send to back, then lock it.  Not great.


  • Things that get ‘sent backwards’ end up behind it. (then to resend the background back, you have to unlock, send, relock… ehhk.
  • Drawing lines from objects try to snap to the background object even if its locked. 

Echoing the points above, along with a roundabout dark mode for working at night.

just chipping in and adding my vote - I use my graphics in different places - website, documents, presentations and in whiteboards - but have to tweak things in Miro because the background can’t match the other media (usually white). I’d rather not have to have two sets of images and sometimes transparent backgrounds won’t suit the image or its purpose.

Long way of saying it would be fabulous to be able to change the background colour :grin:

Just to add to this discussion:

Changing the background colour would be a boost for those with visual disabilities. having a lighter colour eg. yellow on a black/very dark background is easier to see than for dark colours on a grey background.

As changes to background color are considered (and a dark theme), this topic combines well with also having different background patterns, like a dotted background or different styles of grids/lines. here’s a topic along those lines:


I’ve placed a graphic that shows what we need under the Night-Mode-Wish:


I’d also very much like to be able to change the background color.

Was really surprised to find out that I can’t. Seems very basic.

There have been a lot of updates in the last months and this still isn’t an option?

Totally support this. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for people having difficulties with some colors. 


I side with one comment here, that “putting colored rectangles or pictures as basckground” is less than semi-cool since handling gets pretty annoying then.


My little hack: Still putting a colored square and locking it. So, at least stickies work and it is not always snapping and activating the square which sometimes annoys me when I put frames around stickies (my only MIRO horror :P)


TLDR: I’d be a fan of adjustable background color + MIRO rocks anyway <3

Hi,  Also surprised to find this, but instead I took a full screen shot, having changed the Mac desktop background to what I wanted, then added that image and sent to back/ locked it.

Agree it’s a missing feature. Thnx to whoever added to the feature list.


Yes Please, Adding my vote for BG colours. I often do corporate presentations and having ability to use corporate BG colours in MIRO would be helpful and make the presentations seem more polished and professional. I’m often forced to Use PPT because we need presentations to fit our brand guidelines.
I think I saw this feature being used during MIRO day last year.?

If you haven’t already please vote for the dark mode feature request! Both would be extremely useful!

I’m a heavy user of Conceptboard. But I started testing Miro today and It has EVERYTHING, but can’t believe I cannot change the background color.

Me too, just joined and generally find the tool intuitive and well-featured, but this is a glaring omission. For something that seems like such a simple implementation.

Please can we get whole-board background color editing?

For me, I noticed it most when I pasted a white background image on the grey. Usually this would be a hidden problem, but here it looks terribly scrappy. I don't want to have to remove background from every image I paste!

Agree, it would be great to have e.g. white background - also for documentations. :)