Flip a shape horizontally (Mirror feature)


I was wondering if it’s possible to flip a shape or group of shapes horizontally? (also called Mirror)

This feature is very handy in other drawing / vector tool.


Miro is an amazing tool, keep up the good work!




Hi Julien,


till now it is not possible.

Month ago i suggested the same.

I wanted the speech-bubble to be mirrored, but no way to get this.

There is a workaround as long as it is not implemented:

The Iconfinder maybe has the graphic you need.

Hope that the developers add this feature into Miro.

Best regards


@jpetotte thank you for the kind words!

@mlanders thank you for jumping in and giving a helping hand!

I am going to move this topic to a Wish List category and inform the team about your request :wink: 

This feature is seriously required. There’s no way to use a speech bubble in only one direction and be flexible enough to arrange the design. 

This is marked as solved, but I don’t see the functionality for flipping an image horizontally or vertically.

Hi @Andrés

You are right! I’m sorry, this post was mistakenly marked as solved. I have changed the status back to Idea. Thank you for flagging! 

This would be a super handy feature. I hope it gets added.

Definitely need this feature! 🙏

Working on a user journey diagram with a user going one way, and then having to go back – can’t flip my character!

Yes, I like my lines to be completely horizontal (180 degrees) or vertical (270 degrees). Actually, how about you just build in the following snap-to points:


This function is heavily required. Are you able to send an update when/if it becomes available?


+1 here 

Shocked I could do this.

Yes - definitely needed and even just an option to snap to 45 degree intervals if pressing eg. command or shift while rotating would be fab.

This feature (to flip horizontally) cannot come soon enough...

I’m currently writing free text on top of the rotated speech bubble, but it would be really good if you could rotate/mirror the bubble without it flipping the text around. 

Additional to this I added a wish of better flowchart integration here.

A competitor got in it’s whiteboard a flowchart integration with mirrorable shapes inside and the text won’t be touched:


It would be great if such a tool finds its way in miro.


Yes, definitely a wish list item for any architecture professionals using this tool! Any update on when this would be implemented? Is it in the works?

I also came here for the mirror/horizontal flip option, specifically for the speech bubble. In the meantime, here’s my work-around: Create a rounded corner rectangle, add a small triangle at the bottom using the shapes tool, then group. Does the job!

Hi @jamberjacks :

perfect workaround:


Thank you


I do interactions like Tangram in Miro - works perfect. BUT the flip feature is missing! For the parallellogram needs to be flipped for some solutions.
btw. a parallellogram does not exist in Miro. Had produce one myself (Photoshop or any drawing tool does the job).

So flipping is desperately needed!

This is a “must have” for great software like Miro. 


I was “shocked” to see it is still missing.

I need this exact feature! Sad it’s still missing.

Need this feature also. Very surprised it’s still missing…


Add another person who ended up on this thread disappointed :(

Another voice wanting this feature, particularly for groups of shapes. I’m using Miro to draw ‘Current Reality Trees’ which are causal graphs, and this would save me huge amounts of time.

Can we get an update on the status of this? I come back every few weeks/months to check and still nothing?

Hello, do we have any progress for this important feature?