Restrict board participants movement to a single frame

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 I would like the option to get rid of all the white space surrounding a frame to make it impossible for collaborators to zoom out and see all the space surrounding the frame. This would allow for better focus on what you want collaborators to see.

@Ahmond Jackson

Are you saying that you would like to restrict board participants movement to a single frame? If so, perhaps we should adjust the title of this Wish List idea post? If you agree, let me know what you think the title could be changed to and I can make it happen. 

The Miro Smart Meetings feature has this in its early beta stages - I hope they bring it back.

Depending on your plan type, and if you have the beta, the Breakout frames feature does lock the users into the frame so that they cannot go anywhere else on the board, however, you need to specify a minimum of two breakout frames. Perhaps you could put all users in one frame and yourself as the board owner in the other, but as the owner you could move to the other room. I'll have to try this myself.

But I agree, I would like a feature where there was an option on the frame to "bring all users here and make this the current useable space".

“restrict board participants movement to a single frame?” definitely sounds much better than the title I had. 

I will try the Breakout frames feature in the meantime.

Thank you!

@Ahmond Jackson - Title updated. And do upvote your own idea! (There is even a Wish List post on the make is this forum software's website to request automatic upvoting by a Wish List poster).

Who knows... maybe like Picture-in-Pictire for TVs, they would call this feature Board-in-Board™️ 😁

It looks like I don’t have the Breakout Frames option on my account. 

Giving this more thought, I would love the ad hoc use of this. Use case: I have people on the board and want to focus on a frame, so I initiate a "focus on this frame" action which (a) brings everyone to that frame and (b) locks them into that frame, so that only objects bound to that frame can be accessed and all newly created objects are bound to that frame. As for looks, it would use Miro’s standard modal window affect where the space outside of the frame would be darkened.

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Where to find "breakout frames"? It is not on my board.

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