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Hello Miro Team, I am pretty sure you guys on fire now with huge demand for your product, but Miro need an offline mode for iPad, it is just not possible to use it if connection interrupted, people are using this not only for constant collaboration, there a lot of people who do some preparation for projects, and these situations not really need the connection. But when you can’t use the app it is the most frustration time, when you start thinking why such smart people couldn’t figure out this.

Do not listen PMs if the telling you this is not what customers need! We need this! We need to be able to work with app in any conditions.

this do not has to load everything, just have some sort of buffering of last sessions, we need this mode to add something new, not to view old.


Hope to see it soon.


I go off the grid every week for 24 hrs for productivity and wellbeing reasons.

Some of the best thinking is done off the grid and the iPad Pro is an interesting middle ground where it has the capacity to be an extremely useful device offline given its form factor being like a journal.  It inspires you to focus like an artist.

It goes without saying that being able to use Miro on overseas flights will aid top-down 50,000 foot strategic thinking as well.

While it would be great to edit documents, I would be okay with access to documents cached in read-only mode short-term.  Perhaps phase 2 is the creation of new documents offline.  I'm not expecting Google Docs caliber offline mode overnight.

Here is our original discussion thread for reference.



+1 please

My MVP would just be the ability to create / modify boards in an offline mode so I could upload them later. Even if I had to pull down a board backup to use offline, and when I created a board had to upload it as a backup, that would satisfy my needs for now.


I want offline mode not just for iPad, but for Android devices, and especially for the Windows desktop application.


My use case is wanting to develop and build a workshop or modify something I have built previously and want to use again later and do it while I am away from internet (say on a road trip).


I think Miro is used in ways collaboratively that start off as a single person developing something, so the idea that “being offline means you can’t collaborate so there isn’t value in it” doesn’t track for me.



My deal is that i want my board on pc when i do presentations. In my area, it is common that there is not a connection to internet. Also it could be very laggy when i present, so i so wish for an offline-mode for boards.

Often boards are finished in design when i present them, so real-time updates will not be a big issue.

There could be a check-out/in to this and maybe a time reminder

Yes! The ability to access Miro offline would be such a great asset! I work offline for at least several hours per day in order to focus and avoid disruption, and I’ve been very frustrated that I can’t access my Miro storyboard during those offline hours. Even if it’s initially just read-only, this feature would be so helpful.

The real kick in the teeth is that Miro does not even work badly off line! :-) 


I found this out last year when I made a shopping list and could not get connection in the store.


Also when I’ve opened it up on a plane ✈️ or underground train.


When connected to the internet Miro life is amazing.


I did try other tools because of the missing offline capability.


But the combination of using an Apple pencil, laying out ideas and syncing across devices is unmatched in any app I’ve tried.


The iOS app “Things” by Culture Code was always worth the price tag because it worked offline so well.


There is hidden piece of mind know you can capture ideas when you are offline.

So limited off line capability would be more than acceptable from the Miro App. :-)


Offline editing would be a great feature.  It would likely bring caching and other needed features with it.  I can definitively say that the lack of offline editing drove me to competitor solutions.

Being able towork offline would make the single biggest difference to my experience of Mori. Working on a large canvass now has so many potential applications in my work (and private life) particularly for writing projects. Often the ideas come when we are not online. If the biggest problem is syncing offline changes to boards when people return on line a very useful interim step would be to be able to work off line on on single user boards. The content of which could then be cut and paste into multi user boards. This would also allow boards to be created offline before others were invited in.


Yes, this is a definite need.  Very surprised it’s not an option considering this is a paid service.  Love Miro, but online only makes it very limited for how I work.


People in my organization work in places where power sometimes goes out, or bandwidth is poor. having this function offline would facilitate use for them.


I need offline editing support as well.

I can see it being a little complex if two people edit the same board when offline - locking a board should help avoid this.

It would be great to have miro support offline editing on io, web, android - Great app, this makes it better!

Having an offline mode for the IOS and Mac OS apps would be perfect. I’ve been using scapple for many years and Miro would be an even better match for how I use scapple, but without an offline mode I will not be able to switch over completely to Miro. 

This is definitely more than needed!!

+100 !

When I’m meeting new clients, I make a new Miro board for each one. I use it as a way to organize information about them and to ideate as we talk. They don’t always have wifi access that they are willing or able to share so I really would love to be able to use Miro offline during these visits.

This would be great! For all of the reasons stated above. Just like one note in microsoft allows you to edit offline and synchronizes changes when it is brought back online. I really like the idea of locking a board when you are offline so it doesn’t interfere with synchronizing multiple boards that are being edited by different people.  For all of the reasons stated by other users this is an important feature.  For my personal use, I go offline for productivity and having miro there would be a great help


Absolutely agree that this simple feature  would be a life-saver!

Hope to see it soon!


I attached a graphic to show how simple this could be.

There is only a need for an offline application that I can install on my computer …

Please miro …


So to be clear:

This offline-mode only works togehter with my miro account.

No miro account: No offline mode - so at the first time I install the “Offline-version” of miro I have to be online so this could be checked and activated to my account … after this I can work offline as long as I have to do … so … in offline mode I can of course not use the online graphics of the iconfinder or unsplash (of course content that I added on my board stays there and will remain there and will not been removed)



Miro offline is my #1 feature request. It would dramatically increase the value of this product.

There are many ways this could be done and people have suggested some above. Any of them would be better than nothing but I would definitely want a way to edit, not just view.

Many tools designed primarily for collaboration allow this, eg. Google docs. 

My favourite method would be a button "edit offline" only available in the Miro app (mobile + desktop). You press it and a popup appears "Warning! This board will be locked - others will have read-only access with a warning them they may already be looking at an outdated version." I press continue and there's a red banner at the top saying "Offline mode" so I don't forget. With a button "Sync now" which replaces the old version with this one and makes it online again.

I've had so many use cases for this now; my current one right now is working in less privileged areas in the world where internet is less reliable. These countries deserve powerful tools like this more than us. And people like me who work in communities like this would really appreciate this tool being more useful in this way. Isn't a huge % of Miro's use single-person? (even if it's in prep or post for a group session?)

Yes agree - off line mode needed.

+1, offline must

On a plane, offline mode is essential, it’s just a really, really useful addition to a very helpful tool.