[RESOLVED] iPad keyboard opens constantly

  • 10 November 2023
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Bit of an odd one this.


Whenever I touch the whiteboard canvas with finger or Apple Pencil, the keyboard opens. It doesn’t add text when I type, just triggers the standard keyboard shortcuts. This doesn’t happen if I click menu items or change tools.


feels like I may have forced some keyboard shortcut mode, but can’t find the option. And ideas?

Ab_out 6 months ago

should be resolved:

“We're happy to let you know that the issue with the keyboard appearing when using the Miro Mobile or Tablet app you reported has been successfully resolved. We entirely understand how important being able to use Miro on your mobile devices is for you and your team, so we'd like to thank you again for your patience!”

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37 replies

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I have the same exact issue. Only on iPad, not on laptop. Happens in both the Miro app as well as through Safari. But does not happen on any other app, such as Acrobat.
I’ve been searching but so far nothing.

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I have the same issue of a keyboard constantly popping up on a mobil device.  I tried the ipad and iphone app, Safari and Chrome.   I know it just started today, because I used the same board yesterday evening with no problems.  The ipad and iphone keyboards pop up whenever I touch the screen, no matter what tool is selected and even when just trying to scroll.   This does not happen with other apps, so I do not think a problem with my ipad.   This is a real problem, because the keyboard takes up a good portion of the screen and make Miro unusable.    
Seeing that several community member have the same issue, I filed a help request.   It would be great if others do the same so that we can get speedy attention on this issue. 

Yeah i have the same issue, i also sent a help request. Hope it gets fixed soon 🤞

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Also have the same issue on both iPad and iPhone. 
Filed in request, hope it gets fixed 🙏

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Have same issue on Samsung Galaxy Android tablet.  Will file help request.

I experience same issue from today. It’s impossible to use my apple pencil and handwrite. 😥

Same problem, just downloaded the app and can’t do anything or the keyboard is popping up!

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Same problem😣

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Same problem, noticed today. Makes iPad app unusable. Need a fix asap.

Same problem, this is not a solution to the problem, but you can enable floating keyboard mode. This will make the keyboard smaller and allow you to move it to the upper right corner

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It seems like the app is in desktop version, because of keyboard shortcuts like “cmd +z”. Using Safari instead of the app doesn’t make much difference. Floating keyboard looks like the only semi-workaround atm. 

The same problem only on my ipad. This started may be 2 hours (11 november 2023)

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The same issue on iPad. Started today 

Same issue just started today on ipad 

I also ran into this problem, although everything worked fine yesterday. When you click on the screen, the keyboard is displayed, and only on the tablet, there is no such problem from the phone..

please fix this right now - depending on miro for work and it’s completely useless on my ipad right now

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Has anyone here opened a ticket with the Miro support team?

For example, If you have a paid Miro subscription, you can open a Miro support ticket by following these instructions:



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when will this situation be fixed?😭

I am new to Miro, and downloaded the app to work from my phone. But every time zoom or pan a board, the keyboard pops up obscuring half the screen. It is extremely annoying, and I am not even in a text input object.

I looked at both app and board settings, I see no way to keep it from appearing constantly. 

Does everyone avoid the app because of this? I find it makes it unusable. 


I’m using the iPad device to conduct my classes.

After the latest update the problem with keyboard occurs.

The keyboard always appear when I’m drawing, moving and do all the things even though I don’t write anything and not using elements which require keyboard’s functions.

Please fix it because it’s impossible to use the board.

Thank you in advance!

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im paying for miro and created a support ticket for the exact same issue.

keep you posted 

Hello, i have a problem, using miro on tablet. 
After the update , that happened yesterday, I tap the screen in app in order to draw sth on a board, the keyboard always appears and interferes the process. 
What should i do?

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@Ab_out - Thank you for confirming that you have reported this to the Miro Support team, and for offering to keep us all updated. I have pinned your reply.

@Miha0405 / @Liza192837465 - I merged your posts here, so you can be updated on the issue. 

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@Jimer2 - Your post has been merged with this existing post.

Same problem