Resize multiple images to be the same size?

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Our company use Miro for Fashion Design and create a lot of boards that use JPG or PNG for visuals rather than Miros shapes/stickies.

Once we drag and drop into Miro images are all different sizes, which have to be manually resized. 

We use A LOT of images 500+ so this is very time consuming!


p.s love miro


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@Luke Moorhead -

If you just shift-click and select all the images, you can then resize them as a group…


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@Kiron Bondale  That would assume all images are already the same size. My main problem is i need images to be the same size, easy to rescale all with above option once they are the same size - thats what we currently do. If you drag and drop images from desktop they upload onto Miro different sizes.

Thanks for your help!

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@Luke Moorhead - I think I found a way to accomplish this. The caveat being--and what is still not clear in this post is--that all images need to be the same size/pixels/etc. I’ll admit, I ‘m not a graphics person and don’t know the proper terminology, e.g., they are all 1000x1000 pixels.

When you select an image, you are presented with an option to change its size:

And there’s another option in ellipsis of the context menu to Scale to original size (which is greyed out if the image is already scaled to original):


So, you can do a Shift + drag as @Kiron Bondale suggests, filter out any non-images, and scale them all or original.

  • Here’s an example of four duplicated images that I resized/change the scaling of and how I can get them all back to original.
  • The images are all 30234x3024 @ 72 dpi
  • I filter out the sticky note
  • Scale the images to original
  • and then use the Auto layout tool to evenly distribute them.


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@Luke Moorhead - If that still doesn’t work for you, I’d recommend adding this as an Idea in the Wish List category by following the guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know.

If you do create a Wish List Idea post, I would also recommend that you post a link to it back here, so that future readers of this post can quickly get to and vote for your Idea.

Lastly, don't forget to vote for your own Idea.

Custom Web-plugin using SDK

You could also explore if this would be possible using the Miro Developer Platform to create a custom web-plugin to accomplish what you are looking for. You would probably want someone with a development background to review the developer platform documentation.

@Max Harper - Do you know off the top of your head if image data can even be read using the SDK, and furthermore if image manipulation, i.e., resizing on the board, is possible?

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@Robert Johnson @Luke Moorhead   


SDK can read-only width and height on an image, but it cannot write width and height independent of one-another, it can only write (update) an image’s scale. … in other words it cannot change the aspect ratio - but can scale 1 or many images to 1 or many scales...   so… indeed → 
the Miro SDK can automate a mass-update to image(s) ‘scale’

this means… 

  1. Assuming that all the images come in with the same aspect ratio (ex: “square’ aspect ratio = 1:1) then a quick plugin could be built to size them to a set size by reading the width or height and scaling each to reach the target width / height. 
  1. Furthermore - if the aspect ratio is unique between all the images, but having a photo side/dimension ( height or width ) that user wants to all be the same... a user could select a dimension to make the same, select a target size, and then the SDK’s scaling could do all the work to make that dimension ( either width or either height ) the same for all images. 



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Stellar! Thanks, @Max Harper!

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 @Robert Johnson  Thanks for the feedback. Scale to original size does not work either as images are different sizes to start with. Example: I can save an image off Vogue & then screenshot an image off another website - once uploaded to Miro they are different sizes to begin with, hence original scale doesn’t work (it does it some instances when we upload our PNG sketches though!)

Example 1: All images are from the same original source, making it easy to rescale/keep same scale when highlighting all.


Example 2: Images from different sources upload at different scales making it arduous to go through and manually rescale to be same size.


@Max Harper I’m not a developer so a lot of what you said went straight over my head, but sounds like there could be a solve?

All images are generally same ratio 1:1 and if not we usually will manually resize/crop anyway to curate our Concept Boards.

Thanks all much appreciated!

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@Luke Moorhead - My next thought--since this is not currently possible using native Miro functionality--would be to take the intermediary step of batch resizing outside of Miro. For the Windows 10 users, there is an Image Resizer Utility.

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I’m assuming @Luke Moorhead , that you’re moving fast and copying images in directly from the web. No time for saving, and loading into editor, resaving, and then uploading

@Robert Johnson @Luke Moorhead   … this one might be even easier -- because you can copy from clipboard into the resizer … then copy away from clipboard… no ‘saving’ and ‘uploading’ or any of that …

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Thanks, @Max Harper - a possible solution/workaround just keeps getting better...

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oh man… I think I posted that too soon… Paste from clipboard works.
It looks like the actual feature of ‘copy to clipboard’ is … can’t do it “(yet)”


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@Luke Moorhead @Luke Moorhead 
Here’s an OK option in the realm I was suggesting. 

A couple steps in the process - but its still copy paste.


Then copy to clipboard.

Paste into miro.

Maybe get all the images and process them in bulk with a minimum of clicky-clicky with imagemagik Aspect ratio is preserved.  Whew.

On a Mac: 


$ file setup-0.png

setup-0.png: PNG image data, 612 x 792, 8-bit colormap, non-interlaced


$ convert setup-0.png -resize 100x100 setup-0.png

$ file setup-0.png

setup-0.png: PNG image data, 77 x 100, 8-bit colormap, non-interlaced


I know, won’t work for ad-hoc, would be nice to shift-select and actually resize.

But you can do this to a whole directory of files and not think too hard about it ever again.


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@Luke Moorhead @Robert Johnson @Kiron Bondale @Judd Maltin

Found a moment tonight to build the plugin. 

Image Resizer



I think this functionality could extend quite usefully to resizing of a number of other items… 

What other items should it resize and how ? 
What else should it do? 

Direct message me for a link to test it out. 

Cheers, Max

  @Anthony Roux @

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@Max Harper - Stellar work as usual! Because sticky notes already allow let the user select a size (S, M, L), they could be excluded (from an MVP, at least). So my vote would be Shapes and Cards.

What would happen with Text, seeing as they are sized by font? I suppose the answer here is the “copy style” option.

What about Frames?

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@Max Harper Wow!! When and how will we be able to use this plug in? 

I agree with @Robert Johnson Stickies/Text are easy to resize. Frames would definitely be great to resize.


One other thing from my side:

Is there a way of saving templates so we can use them season after season? We have created some fantastic Miros that we use season after season, currently we have to copy & paste the previous season Miro and then delete all info so we can then populate with new season information/imagery. Similar to how you would save an Illustrator/InDesign template and then open up the saved down template to start fresh.

Thanks for everyone’s help

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@Luke Moorhead - It sounds like the Custom Templates feature is exactly what you’re looking for. Have a read of the following Help Center article → Custom Templates.

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@Luke Moorhead  I sent you an install link in private message for the Image Resizer. 

I’ll look into adding the discussed features when I get a moment. I’ll also change the icon. 


Cheers, Max

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@Max Harper this is great, thanks for your help.

Is it possible to pass this plugin to Miro so we can install officially from Miro’s side? Our company cannot install 3rd party plugin’s due to safety/privacy rules. 

We have a Miro manager for our company who is also looking into this.


Thanks again for your help.


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@Luke Moorhead  - 
Super respect that. We’re very big on privacy and security. → 

The privacy policy expressed here for Clusterizer and Totally Random --(Marketplace apps - official with Miro - find this policy officially posted on Miro Marketplace site (scroll down)) -- applies to this application.  My recommendation, for the sake of both speed to using the app and overall clarity of using these Refractive Miro Apps, would be that you ask your admins about their feelings on that policy - and if they’d like, I can officially add this app to that page and publish as such.  

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@Luke Moorhead @Michelle Pentz


  • I’ve updated our public privacy policy to include the Image Resizer ‘Resizer’ app here. (Its a working title and an evolving plugin name, icon, product ...etc… but the security/privacy won’t change.)
  • Refractive apps published on that page also meet all the rigorous guidelines for public Miro apps outlined here
    • for example… see here that we pass the Qualys SSL tests with A+s 


Hi All, 

@Max Harper @Robert Johnson 

I’m wondering is this link still working..? 

Image Resizer


I have downloaded the chrome extension, and reopened Miro. Then clicked the extension but it seems to be a video recording application. 

What you have in this video is exactly what I need.

I am assuming its something I'm doing wrong.

Please help. 

Miro (not this Miro lol)     

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@Miro Fahmy 

/anyone else viewing this post: we can only share not-yet-on-the-Miro-marketplace apps via a direct message. Please DM me and I’ll send you the Miro Plugin install link.
Cheers :) max 

Good Day,

Has anyone installed the image resizer for the board/team? 

It is working for me but my colleagues can’t access the app