Payback | accidently bought too many seats

Hello Miro Support,


Accidently I invited a bunch of people to my MIRO Boards. This cost 699$.

I deleted all extra seats, so that I do have to pay 1150$ renewal in february 2023.

Now I want to add a person I have deleted before and this would cause costs again - although I have already paid 7 more seats for this Account/ Team.


I do not understand why I should pay this (again) - Please tell me why adding a seat I have already paid and owned costs extra after I deleted a user.


It seems that we should talk about a payback and than I will add a certain number of seats for this team. (As mentioned, it was an accident that I ordered so many seats)


Thanks for letting me know how we can proceed. I think my problem may be related to this (

I hope we find a solution!


Best regards,


First I bought accidently 7 more seats, secound: after I deleted the users I had no more seats left:


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@Kinnovis - Billing questions should be directed to the Miro support team:

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@Kinnovis - FYI: I masked the last four digits of your credit card and your email address in the first screenshot.