Import sticky notes from Spreadsheet doesn't work

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Also experiencing this. Pasting from a CSV just inserts everything into one text block-- I am not prompted to paste as stickies. 

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@SarahmeetMiro - While .csv files will open in a spreadsheet application, e.g., MS Excel, they do not contain the same formatting data that Miro is expecting to see when copied to a clipboard. Instead, CSV is basically plaintext data with commas in between the values. 

Try opening the CVS file in your spreadsheet application, saving it (Save as...) that application's standard format, e.g., MS Excel's .xlsx, and then copying-pasting into Miro.

Copy paste from Google Table to Miro – transforming in sticky notes is not working. A couples of days ago it just worked fine. Can anybody help?

If importing sticky notes from a spreadsheet into Miro isn't working:

Ensure your spreadsheet is in a compatible format (CSV or XLSX).
Check formatting and content.
Review import settings.
Try with a smaller dataset.
Use an up-to-date browser and Miro version.
Clear browser cache if needed.
Contact Miro support if the issue persists.

I have used this feature many times but it is not working today. Is there a new bug?

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I have used this feature many times but it is not working today. Is there a new bug?

What is your set up? WIndows, Mac? What spreadsheet app? (Excel desktop or web, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers?) Are you importing one cell or multiple?

Note: One cell from Google Sheets will import as a text object. This is a limitation due to the way Google Sheets copies a single cell to the clipboard.

Thanks Robert. I was using Excel and had Miro open in Chrome on a Windows laptop. It is working okay now. Might have been a temporary problem on my side. Thanks again.