How does a Team Admin delete another members' board?

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Let’s all upvote this to end the madness

The fact that so called “admins” are having to apply a workaround simply to delete unwanted boards they do not own after well over 2 years of threads highlighting this issue is borderline ridiculous.

The work arounds appear to be, remove the user who owns the boards or projects you want to delete as an ADMIN cleaning up the workspace, then invite the removed user back to rejoin the team and transfer ownership of all of their wanted boards/projects/custom templates back to them. 

Simply mind blowing. 

@Miro Support Team As a TRUE workspace admin, we would like (read: NEED) the ability to reassign ownership of any board or project within our TEAM.

Thanks in advance for allowing this much needed functionality.


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As a team admin, I also need this….too many empty and unused boards. As admins, we should be able to delete boards, projects...

Ridiculous that this basic feature is not available.  

Trying to find a board in miro is impossible because of this missing functionality, admins or at least the coordinator of an enterprise account needs to be able to delete boards made by their team members.  2 years ago this was opened and the first message was that it was in the works, this seems like something that needed to be in from the start, you can remove entire team members but not remove individual boards.

Yeah, it also bugs me why Team Admin cannot delete boards within the team… Why escalate to corporate admin? Such an approach effectively leads to strengthening micromanagement practices, while I’d prefer teams to be able to manage their own work (and garbage) by themselves.

My team also needs this feature. As an admin, I’m trying to cleanup old/test boards that various people have created but I can’t. Instead I have to ping everyone who still works here and ask them to delete their individual boards, which no one does, and it remains messy.