Grouping objects and text within a Post-it Note

  • 24 February 2021
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I want to develop a brainwriting board for a group of students . They are learning how to sequence activities and how to use the critical path method (Project Management Class). Within each post-it, I want to add four squares, one in each corner and the ability to add text into those boxes as well as  add text in the center of the post-it. I want to group all the objects in the post-its, so when they move the post-its around, everything in it moves with it. Grouping the post-its together is pretty straight forward. But grouping objects inside each post- is not. 

Any ideas would be appreciated.

2 replies

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@Eva A Vincze -

We use Miro for our PM courses as well and coincidentally also have a network diagramming exercise which uses sticky notes, but we don’t have students work out the ES/EF/LS/LF dates inside the stickies.

The only alternative I’d recommend is to create a template activity such as the one below and have students duplicate and modify it - it is grouping four text boxes on the corners of the sticky note with the activity name and duration inside the sticky note.


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Thank you for this! It is a great alternative. I played a bit more and did figure out how to group within the post-its. But I’ll utilize this one as well.