Clusterizer: New Feature Update: Interested Beta Testers?

  • 11 February 2021
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Clusterizer - New Feature: Looking for Beta Testers

At Refractive Strategy we are inspired by the promise of what we as a community will be able to build on the Miro platform (API/SDK). 

In November we released Clusterizer as a plugin on the Miro Marketplace - an exciting tip-of-the-iceberg moment in this promising future.  We dream of, and are persistently prototyping, many Miro plugins and look forward to sharing more of those soon, but we also want to stay in the creative loop with Clusterizer, its users, and their visions. 

Since November we’ve received some wonderful and insightful feedback and encouragement from the Miro community - your improvement ideas for Clusterizer as well as all the other imaginative Miro plugin visions you’ve shared are the purest form of inspiration - and we strive to respond creatively. We’ve been focusing on adding the most requested feature - which was :drum: : “Scale the preview objects by their relative level of connectivity in the network.” 


 New Feature:  Scale by Connectivity



Are you interested in beta testing??

If you’re interested in testing this new feature for Clusterizer - and helping us improve it - let me know in the comments below or through direct message and I’ll get you setup with an install link. 


Also, If you have a dream of a Miro plugin - simple, complex, crazy, awesome … whatever - I’m eager to co-dream with you and maybe help turn it into reality. Reach out any time. 

Thank you, 


2 replies

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@Max Harper - PM me the link :nerd:

Hey Max

Is there any chance you might let a free account try this feature out?

If so, would love to give feedback on it.