Access - Viewer is Still Able to Edit

  • 13 January 2023
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I’m using the free version of Miro and have internal collaborators who are able to edit a board, and external collaborators who are only able to view the board.

Despite the external folks being set to View Only in the sharing settings, they are still able to edit.  Why is this possible?

2 replies

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Hi @Blake Hill,

If a user is able to edit a board in a Free Plan team, then they are a Member of that team.

What can end up happening is that the Team Invite Link setting is enabled and someone on the team ends up sending a link to a board that ends up adding members to the team - for example:


You can read more about this (and how to disable this setting) here:



Have a look at your team Users page to see who all has Edit access:


Note: If you have a Free Plan team board that you don’t want other Team Members to be able to edit, change the team sharing settings here:


Thanks so much for your quick response, Robert.

You are correct - I accidentally added them to the team and not just the board.