Shapes need a dynamic acute triangle

  • 12 September 2020
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Shapes include only an isoceles triangle (two equal sides) and no acute triangle (one 90 degree angle). An acute triange would be most useful.not requiring that I always stitch together three lines. As a provided shape, then I could manipulate it the same way I do other shapes (fill it with color) which cannot be done with three grouped lines.

6 replies

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Any chance of adding a right angled triangle to the shapes tool?   So important for maths education.

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Agreed! Adding right triangles is crucial!

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It would be great if the functionality were close to the Pen tool in Adobe CC, adding and removing points, manipulated by a Direct Selection tool. Below is a board that shows the need I encountered; I have summed it up as Shapes, Fills and Vertices:

Shapes, Fills and Vertices


To those in this thread, I searched for the concept across the community and found that it had been suggested by others. Sharing the links below across all three postings. Freeform, filled shapes has the most votes, to date, if you want to boost the feature request.

Shapes need a dynamic acute triangle

Freeform, filled shapes

Create shapes from single lines

All I want is to be able to draw an equilateral triangle with a vertical side. This seems to be impossible which means I either go to a different platform or change the design motif across an entire range of collateral 

There is a fairly straightforward way to build right isosceles triangles. Drag a square and duplicate it twice so you essentially have 3 squares. Put two squares on top of each other and the other touching one corner above. Drag a triangle, and snap it to space between the squares. That creates a perfect right isosceles triangle that you can rotate and resize as needed. I just keep a copy off canvas in case I break the aspect ratio. Simple geometry :nerd:


I am a user who wants to do use right angle triangle shapes in Miro

So that I can do a diagram of a lean to building

Unlike other apps for sketching buildings

I can use the hyperlink function in Miro shapes to index my diagram to purchasing requirements for materials for an interactive diagram