Create shapes from single lines

  • 10 August 2020
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I like to be able to convert single lines into new shapes so that I can create custom shapes more easily and in a flexible way.


I did try to group shapes together to create new ones for instance like in the picture below. But this does not look as prity as it would if it was one single shape.

So how about: connecting lines together so an closed area is formed. Converting this to the shape will then add the possibility to change the area color.

In the ideal case you can just drag and drop that new shape to the shape library.

This screenshot shows new shapes grouped together from basic shapes like rectangles and triangles. 


… here an example that shows the use case….



Another reason for my wish: When puzzling shapes together from basic shapes this is what happens after scaling them up and down a bit. A single shape resists that process much better.


4 replies

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Just wondering what your trying to achieve in order to make suggestions about ways

I just created a couple shapes and filled them using SketchBook, saved as png with transparent background and dropped into a board.

It all resizes etc - here’s the example

Do you have a reason for wanting miro to draw the shapes? 


ciao Simon



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Thanks for you reply.

Well, from my point of view cracks in the tool chain are inconvenient especially in the case of a cloud based system like Miro. 

This is something else if you are able to “link” the content to the board like Miro allows in many cases. This is clearly a fantastic feature in Miro!

But when drawing shapes I don’t want to distribute that to different tools because the PNG file cannot be edited anymore without having the original. Say you found a PNG and want to do this:

If you only have the PNG, you will have to find out who has put that PNG in, get the original, change that first and copy the new one in…

(I admit that I’m a little pampered 😉 with features like that as I do use Miro for things I did in MS Visio before, and there you can design smart shapes that do all that automatically. )

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100% agree an integrated tool-chain is the desirable state

Miro’s issue I suspect is the sum of everyone wants

Eventually it has to be everything from jira/ asana trello  powerpoint/ prezi and zoom/teams/skype/ slack etc  

Your basic shapes of circle, trapeziod are not editable only resizable - i was suggesting create the base shapes you need externally - save them as templates (call it a palette if you prefer) - seems to me a 99% solution 


This is a common feature in comparable software (Google Drawing / Slides), and immediately makes your tool so much more powerful for people who are trying to do more creative aspects of the process.

As a game designer I often want unique shapes that I can give color or alpha. This can be to highlight something or just to draw something totally new. And if I don’t have them I will just use a bunch of shapes or lines to try to do what I want, but it’s not a great solution.

If your tool supports vector shapes: Support people making their own vector shapes in the tool.