Public Link Expiration and password enforcement

  • 7 December 2020
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I’d like to see a setting that would disable the public sharing link after a preset period of time either by the board owner or company admin. Additionally, as a company admin, I would like the ability to require setting a password if sharing a public link.

6 replies

Great idea! We need to have this as well… board owners could forget to disable the public sharing link, with this Idea this will help better control to data that is exposed ;)

additional a board share by public link could only accessible with an active owner or board member

In an company context this would also enhance unwanted unnoticed board access.



We could really do with this feature, we’re coming up against ever increasing pressure to ensure clients data is safe and secure and need every tool in our arsenal to ensure we can do that. 

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I totally agree that the sharing link expiration is very important for companies and security!

A picker in the sharing area where I can select a date or days for expiring date, that would be really great.:sunglasses: An additional a security property for company admins to set a maximum time.


Is this idea :bulb: already on the backlog?




this would be a great benefit, from a security perspective as well.

Thank you for posting this question.  Our company is debating the viability of using public links to share and collaborate given the huge security risk it does not address.  While password protection is helpful and at least another layer of protection, if employee leaves company or external vendor keeps the link & password well after their engagement or project work is over, our board(s) remain exposed without significant due diligence by our Miro admins and/or board owners and users.  

I’ve asked our customer success manager and other reps at Miro if this is on the road map for development and implementation, and if so, when.  Will update this thread once I hear back.  Otherwise, our only other option is to license all and add/delete users when necessary to collaborate (not just view or comment) on a board, including external users.  Huge resource drain and cost to manage that task, in my estimation.