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  • 5 June 2020
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Not sure if the feature exists. I’ve looked and can’t find it. I’d like to request a pop-up on hover feature similar to what Mural offers. When working on an expansive board, this little feature is amazingly helpful. It works by holding down the ‘x’ key, which changes the cursor to a magnifying glass, then hovering over an element on the board, that element is them magnified in a pop-up window. This allows you to be zoom out, looking at the entire canvas, while at the same time view the details of specific element. So handy!

Here is a video of how it works 

Mural shortcut for Pop-up an Element


2 replies

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Ye I agree with Jeff Harris. The Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) has a similar feature called “hover zoom”, when the feature is on, the elements in our board could be zoomed in when we hover our cursor on them. I wish Miro team could consider this feature as well. Here I attach the screenshot on it works. Thank you.


I agree, this is the most missing feature for us right now.