Master Frame/linked frames or Embed a Frame in a Frame (for consistent updates across time)

  • 15 October 2020
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I want the ability to create a “master frame” and duplicate it visually while maintaining updates universally.

So, for example, I make a “goal setting” frame with some content initially, and then for each weekly meeting I can make a “weekly meeting” frame and within that weekly meeting can essentially embed the “goal setting” frame, so we can review and update the content week to week, while using an updated standard agenda, and the “goal setting” “master frame” is always up to date.

this could also be made to work across boards so you could have “master” content on frames somewhere on a private board, but then on the shared board see and update the “master” content.

2 replies

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I’d like this feature too - with it, you’d be pretty close to a full featured presentation authoring tool.

Another feature request, tackling similar use cases:

Came here to suggest this too!

I’d like to be able to set a Frame as a child as another Frame -OR- have a Frame’s “background” be the content of another Frame (possibly even with an opacity slider) so I can “build upon” one frame with new shapes in the subsequent frame. This makes for good story telling where I can present an existing process and how the modifications will fit into that process with a few variations. 


This is all about not having to duplicate the “parent” frame and maintain >1 frame for changes to the parent frame