Importing sketches from an external source

  • 18 September 2020
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As an industrial designer sketching is my second nature. Using this as a way to communicate thoughts, ideas, concepts and models is completely integrated in my workflow. Since 2014 Miro has helped me a lot to collaborate with clients and freelancers, but sketching directly in the Miro environment is too limited for me. 

When you work in the Apple ecosystem, you have the possibility to use universal clipboard to transfer elements from an IPad to a MacBook and back. So I sketch with the pencil on my IPad pro, cut and paste the drawing with transparant background directly into my Miro board. I don’t have to change windows or desktops. I don’t have to save and import stuff or go to a directory, …

So if using extra devices with a ubiquitous UX could be integrated into the way you can work with Miro, this could really give a boost to efficiency.

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