Expand Analytics & Admin Insights


For those of us looking to understand how Miro is being used within our organization, how well adoption is going, and what the sharing & use of Miro boards really looks like, it’d be great if the admin insights could provide more information.

During our pilot of Miro we tried to determine some success metrics & KPIs but found that many of the things we had in mind weren’t measurable or the data simply wasn’t collected by Miro.

Some way of quantifying how much a board has been used would be nice. Perhaps:

The total size of the board in bytes? The amount of entities on the board? How much of the (infinite) canvas has been used? (i.e how much distance between the two most distant entities on the board?)

It’d also be helpful to see more intimate detail on sharing. Rather than simply telling me how many times a user has shared a board, the ability to break down exactly who has shared what boards & with whom would be helpful. If a user generates a sharing link, and then posts it somewhere for guests or random users in their organization to join, a way of tracking who generated the link & who joined from said link. And/or a way of viewing all of the active & valid invite links for your board, and the ability to invalidate or delete old invite links if you suspect they’ve been sent to bad actors or the wrong group.

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