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Miro is fantastic on a massive screen. It’s like you can see, arrange and rearrange your mind in 2d. The bright background and colours work well for feeling energised, fresh, and productive early in the day. For those of us who get more done during the night, however, the brightness can feel glaring and have the opposite effect, causing fatigue, especially with extended use.

It feels like a godsend to night-owls that the software industry is finally recognising our needs with dark mode being added to everything. While the implementation would understandably be no small task, I, for one, would greatly benefit from dark mode being added to what has become a fantastic tool in my work and lifestyle.

Thank you for Miro, and the Wishlist,

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It is simply unacceptable in 2020 that apps don't have dark mode.

Also don't forget the title bar in windows should be dark too. Many web-based cross-platform apps neglect it and its incredibly jarring.

For me early delivery of half-working dark-mode is more preferable than good quality
All my work apps are in dark mode, and only Miro is still white. =(

At some point it would be great to to switch between modes in one click. 

Please add Dark Mode. I suffer from eye-floaters and it’s a pain to look at bright screens.

+1 on this thread, dark mode should be a must :smile:

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I use a 34” monitor. Dark mode would be welcomed. 

Dark mode would be awesome :(

Same for me, I’ll take a half-baked dark mode every time I can. That white board really hurt my eyes...

Bumppp :)

Adding another name here to what seems like an obvious feature need.

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I added a graphic wich shows how it could look like and it added the option to have a free colouring or a picture background option:



Yeah.. Dark Mode would be great!


dark mode please!

Absolutely behind these suggestions. Dark mode would be amazing. 

i’M not using miro because there is no night mode.

I would even pay for night mode, please add the feature 

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I added a graphic wich shows how it could look like and it added the option to have a free colouring or a picture background option:



This would be practical and would awesome. I just went through a 3 day seminar design for Miro community and I was wondering how to create a dark blue background like there was, didn’t find it anywhere :-(

I use a big dark square for the BG right now that’s locked
I’d like a darkmode

So I notice that this appears to have been created over 8m ago?  And is the ‘top community request’ active?  How long does it take Miro to put into effect requests?  This doesn’t seem promising in today’s SDLC game… 6m is an eternity!  Discouraging… 


Dark mode, come on…

Miro’s development seems to be more focused on bringing in extensions from as many players in the space as possible instead of updating the core features. 

It is ludicrous that an even basic dark mode feature hasn’t been implemented by now. This is by no means a recent request. 

The miro team needs to iterate on community requests at a better pace if they hope to retain paying customers. 

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Hi @adrenallan ,

in my posting you can see that I am going for this, too. Surely in the same enthusiastic way than you.

As I noticed here in the community you can be sure that miro’s developement is focusing our wish intensely and you can be sure that they have seen the number of wishes (til today 26.01.2021 = 251 wishes) and till now I have never seen that miro ignored it’s communitys wishes - But - maybe it take a bit longer till we see the result … because when miro listens to a community wish it’s released exact this way that we users are satisfied.

Just remember:


The vertical option of MindMapping:


Each of them where community wishes before … so maybe they need time to bring out the best and deepest darkmode that offers more than only a switch into black background … we will see



Ok, that’s great and all… I’m just calling out that light/dark modes are nothing new for the big players in the information management’s odd that Miro, as feature rich as it is, hasn’t made this a priority over some other features.

Yes, please add a Dark Mode!

Dark mode is an accessibility enhancer for myself, as someone who has menstrual migraines.