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I would like the ability to choose my own custom zoom in and zoom out percentage via input. The controls are currently preset to x options.

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Agree with this! I like how Figma allows you to hold down the Z key and set a custom area to zoom into 

It honestly goes from 100 to 75 to 50… Microsoft Word back in 2003 didn’t have that few zoom options. This isn’t a want, this is a must. Why the crap can I not zoom in 10% increments like Chrome, or use Migmas trick and allow a keyboard click for power users? Below 50 it’s 33 then 17 percent. Which is a decent distance change, but a 25% change (50,75,100) are you kidding me, what dev set that, but didn’t make it closer to a 10-15%change per click!?

Agree fully with the above comments! This is killing me.  Please address.

This has been my main frustration with the software, and it feels like such an easy fix! :grimacing:

This is a real need tbh

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I had the same problem last week: the Firefox update to 88.0 64-Bit seems to affect the zoom function in MIRO (and I am using Windows 10).

I downgraded back to firefox 87.0 64-Bit and now it works perfectly again and I could yesterday give my workshop online without problems...

I hope that the next upgrade of Firefox to 89.0 fixes this problem, otherwise I have to stick to 87.0 for ever in order to use miro…

It would be nice if the MIRO excellent prog-wizards could check this together with firefox...