Ability to group objects to mind map nodes

  • 4 April 2020
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I would love the ability to group things to mind map nodes.

I have a giant tree of ideas, and if I could attach photos to the leaf nodes it would make it much more accessible. I can add photos and stickies now, but of course they remain in place when I move the node they are describing.

I wouldn’t need the mind-map code to organize its spacing based on grouped items, I can do that myself, but just having the ability to attach items to a mind-map node would open up a whole new way of using the feature.

for your consideration,

Thanks !




4 replies

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it should be possible that I can add a graphic to a branch and group it with the branch - so it could moved around and stays on this branch:



Yes, I need this too. 🙂 I’m new to Miro and making some planning with mind maps. I just spent lots of time to figure out how to group mind map branches content… The only answer was here 😃 Thank you and hopefully this feature is added soon. Great app!


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Hi, is very important for us in our mind map strategy to be able to group mind map nodes to objects like arrows and sticky notes because every time we add a node (idea, project, etc.) to our mind map strategy, we loose track (connection) with the node to the comment in the arrow+sticky note.

Please try to add it asap.

Thank you very much.


This is definitely needed.  Please consider implementing this.