New App: Make The Estimation Process Simpler And More Inclusive

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Hey @Sebastian Burkart do you see it as part of the top panel? [see image attached]


Thanks @Shubangi Sunder  


i was blind / stupid not seeing it there. Thanks a lot




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Of course not @Sebastian Burkart  its a good insight for us into how users search :)

Hi @Kiron Bondale @Kevin Kinisky  @Jasmine Friedrich @Joel Foner @caboh_pm @Matt Donatelli @andy cleff @Christoph Möbius @olivamogar @Reimar 

Hope all of you are having a great start of the week! 

We wanted to ask all of you for a special request: We wanted to get a peek into how you, as a user, are Estimating using Miro 😊 This is to better understand the usage and usability of our app for your requirements.

Would you be interested in share a note or a short screen-recording (like on Loom for eg) with us? 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks a ton!


PS: Incase you think you might know someone else who might be want to share their story, tag them here and we will reach out to them!

Hi @Shubangi Sunder 
just invested some time for getting a better understanding of the Miro capabilities. For us doing Estimations in Miro makes sense, if I can use the data out our operational Azure DEVOPS instance. (As well I would use it for Story Mapping instead of using the next tool) I understand that I need an Enterprise Plan for this. But we are less then 50 Miro users. So we are out. How or where can I vote for enabling the Azure Connectivity for the Business plan? 
Only with this connectivity I can use it and from my point of view I do not see why Miro does not support smaller companies / Startups with this functionionality.