Confirmation modal to prevent accidental content deletion

  • 31 August 2020
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Do you remember those cases when you select all content on the board and accidentally delete it? Yeah, I know this feeling :scream::face_palm_tone2:

The good news is that now, when you select all of the content from your board (containing more than 100 widgets) and try to delete it, you will see a confirmation modal.

Hopefully, this will help our users prevent accidental content deletion :v_tone2:


:bulb: Just a reminder that you can find all product updates in the Changelog.

6 replies

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Great safety net @Marina !

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Hi, does miro natively support modals? Because I am currently trying to add a modal into a custom extension in miro and can’t trigger it whatsoever.

Alternatively is there any miro documentation on modals that I can look into?


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Why the 100 item ?

Wouldn’t something akin to “If selection.count >100 or selection.count == board_content.count then...”

be more sensible?

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Hi @Sami Ljimari,

Our developers told me that you will find how to open a modal using a web-plugin here

Just in case, there is a special Developer Platform Forum here in the community as well :wink:  

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Can you open the scope of this function to include a single delete as well as moving or editing objects @Marina see this Posting

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Hey @Brandon Lee! Thanks for the suggestion! We do understand the problem of accidental content editing and we are considering some solutions though it may be quite annoying to be asked for a confirmation every time about each single action. How do you usually prefer solving the same pain point in other online tools?