How Do You Miro? Retrospective Templates Challenge 🔮

How Do You Miro? Retrospective Templates Challenge 🔮

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Retrospective VICE VERSA

  1. Your full name - Guillaume Lerouge
  2. Role and company - Lean/Agile Coach - Nowshak.
  3. Embedded board - 
  4. Instructions on how to use the template


Inspired by Pixar's VICE VERSA, this retrospective is perfectly suited to teleworking teams wishing to inspect the way they work and gain efficiency.

Participants describe it as very dynamic, fun and effective.

JOY, SADNESS, FEAR, ANGER and DISGUST accompany the team in 5 workshops to help them build a SMART action plan in a good mood.



This is the time to welcome the participants, introduce them to the characters, align them on the mindset to be adopted in the retrospective, and take everyone's emotional temperature and give everyone a voice



This is the moment to recall what has happened since the last retrospective or since the beginning of the period under discussion. This step allows you to retrieve all the useful data for the future and to position them on top of the timeline if they are positive and below if they are not.



This is the time to come up with ideas that we can then turn into SMART action. As COLERE says, all ideas are good, so let's not be afraid to submit them



This is the time to write down really actionable items and commit to them. This step is easier when all the previous steps have been completed.



We end here with a management 3.0 tool (Happiness Door) that combines the happiness index and the feedback door. This little game allows you to thank the participants for their work and to ask them for their feedback before leaving.



Crystal Watson, Scrum Master, UMB

Let the team put post-its on what they think were a nightmare, was Stranger than Fiction, What was an unexpected twist.  It is up to the team member to determine if good or bad.  We then discussed and determined what we could improve.

Retro Name: Team Sustainability Retrospective

  1. Your full name - Pardeep (aka Paddy) Dhanda
  2. Role and company - Chief Visual Thinker @ Paddy Dhanda Ltd
  3. Miro board embedded with your template (view access) - 


  4. Instructions on how to use the template - Details below.


This retrospective template was inspired by the 8th agile principle from the Agile Manifesto: Agile processes promote sustainable development. The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely. The retro uses the theme of sustainability through out the 5 step process which include a number of fun activities. This retro can be used by any Agile team that is looking to identify and eliminate wasteful activities.

In line with the theme of sustainability, the visuals have recycled as many of the standard built in Miro features as possible.

How does the Team Sustainability retrospective work?

Each activity must be tackled in the order in which they are listed in the template over 5 key steps. Timings for the retro are flexible depending upon the size of your team, but typically it should be completed within 60 mins:


1) Step 1: Set the Stage - Kick off with 2 fun icebreakers by selecting which item you would take with you on a desert island, and gauge how the previous iteration went for you by picking the most relevant weather icon.


2) Step 2: Gather Data - The main part of the retro asks teams to identify what they are most proud of from the previous iteration to celebrate key successes. Then identify the most wasteful activities within the team by using the 7 Lean wastes.


3) Step 3: Generate Insights - Each team member should transfer their stick notes from the previous board to the most relevant circle of influence - this will help the team focus on the things that they have control over as a priority.


4) Step 4: Decide What To Do - Each team member should transfer their sticky notes within the sphere of influence that the team can control to the appropriate quadrant in this board. This will enable group consensus on the things the team wish to improve as part of the next iteration.


5) Step 5: Close the Retrospective - This is a fun way to end the retro where the team will identify commitments to make the world a better place. These could include any theme such as, how to help the environment by recycling more, helping others by having regular coffee catch-ups to improve their mental health, etc.

I hope you enjoy the Team Sustainability Retro!

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Hi   @Chris Stone@DWestgarth@Martina Bonetti@Steven Sampson-Jones@Clyde D'Souza @Laurence Wood , @GuillaumeL@nagrap @Crystal Watson  and all the guests of this challenge :wave_tone2:

Many thanks to all participants for sharing your amazing boards! 


I’m here to tell you that we closed this thread for new submissions yesterday, and our judges take a week to choose the winner :nerd:

:ballot_box:  Public voting for the People’s Choice is also open until July 4th (EOD), so let’s get voting! Please put a thumbs-up under the post if you like the template. Participants can also share a link to this thread with your network and get their support (:warning:NOTE: we only count the likes :thumbsup_tone2: under your comment here in the Miro online community).


Stay tuned! We will get back to you on July 5th and announce the winners :trophy:


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Hi everyone and especially @Steven Sampson-Jones @Clyde D'Souza @Martina Bonetti @Chris Stone @nagrap @GuillaumeL @Laurence Wood @DWestgarth @Crystal Watson   :blush:

Ta-da! I am happy to announce the winners of this How Do You Miro? Retrospective Templates Challenge :confetti_ball:


Ladies and gentlemen, 

:drum::drum::drum:  The winners are:

Congratulations! :clap_tone2::clap_tone2::clap_tone2:

The prizes will soon be on their way to the winners and all the participants who followed the entry requirements.
The winners will also see a new badge in their community profile soon :military_medal:


We want to thank everyone for participating in this challenge and sharing your awesome boards! Most of these templates will soon appear in our Miroverse and will become available to all Miro users.


Stay tuned for the next challenge! :bellhop: And if you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to this category to receive an email notification when we launch a new contest.


Have a good one :blue_heart:

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That’s fantastic news—thank you, judges! 🙏

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That’s fantastic news—thank you, judges! 🙏

Congratulations Clyde! :clap:

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Congrats @Steven Sampson-Jones. Your board is awesome. You deserve it :-)

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Thanks for the opportunity to showcase our work Mironeers, congratulations @Clyde D'Souza.

Always a pleasure seeing @DWestgarth, @Chris Stone and @nagrap’s work and creativity. Shout out also to @Martina Bonetti and @GuillaumeL’s templates, I’ll be test driving them myself later this week. 

Much love. ❤️

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Hey Miroboard designers 👋 and especially @Steven Sampson-Jones  @Clyde D'Souza  @Martina Bonetti @Chris Stone @nagrap @GuillaumeL @Laurence Wood @DWestgarth @Crystal Watson

I had the honor of being the Community Guest Judge in this challenge. After browsing Miroverse as prep for this task, I knew there were lots of talented people out there designing virtual boards. But not like this…😲 Wow, I´m totally blown away of all your creativity and deep knowledge of the building blocks of a successful Retrospective template! 🚀

Thank you everyone who participated in this challenge and big congrats to the winners!

🥇Clyde D´Souza with his creative and playful “Retrospective in the Island of Golocans” were you as participant are exploring sweets fruits, hidden gold and hopefully find message in a bottle on the Islands. But, be aware… there might be pirates 🏴‍☠️ on the shore! Excellent job creating an exciting journey to make the Retrospective extra fun!

🥇Steven Sampson-Jones with his beautiful hand-drawn “Marvellous Retrospective” illustrations 🐱‍🏍, while all the steps for a successful Retrospective outcome was included in the template. A design that will boost the participants to be creative during the retro session for sure. Well done! 🎉

You all made an amazing contribution to this challenge, and I´m so happy to have you in my network. ✨

Johanna Torstensson (Agile Coach in Sweden)

I am fairly new to Miro and was amazed at the boards that were submitted.  I have learned more about using Miro by reviewing these boards.  I have also been challenged to up my retrospective game.  Congratulations to the winners, you deserved it.

Hi here is our ‘Richer Retrospectives’ Miro board….

  • Your full name: Laurence Wood
  • Role and company: Digital Leadership Coach with North Highland UK


Instructions on how to use the template:

This informal retro is fast to learn. It helps teams to discuss their challenges, assess their performance, and decide on an improvement they wish to focus on next. The orange universal cards help any team using any approach. Teams adopting Agile will value the green fusion cards. The pink cards are Agile-specific for more mature teams. Facilitators sometimes review the cards in advance and stack them so that players are not distracted by reading ahead. Putting the most pertinent cards at the top can help engage the team quickly.

  • Gather together and read out the instructions:
  • Take turns to read out a card. Discuss and decide which heading to put it under. There are no right answers - rich conversations and focussed improvements are key. You don’t need to play all the cards in your first session.
  • Reserve the last 10 minutes to decide as a team which is the most interesting item - the one that you all want to focus on improving next. Some teams use the dots to vote. Highlight it using the Focus target icon. Consider adding stickies showing owner, task etc.
  • Discuss how you all hope this card will move across the board as you improve. Ensure that you can measure success. Consider writing a clear goal together. Agree when you will next reassess the focus item to see if you have improved. Repeat the activity above soon - you will accelerate and evolve how you use it in your context. Tweet ideas or questions to @AgileLozenge

@Laurence Wood, good morning. 
Where can I get other examples of cards?