Miroverse Monday: Let's talk about digital event planning, meta-SWOT, digital inclusion and more!

  • 14 September 2021
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Hi everyone:heart_eyes:


Hope you're having a great start of the week:tada:  I have some new Miroverse templates for you to enjoy :heartbeat:


:smiley_cat:UX Research Kickoff Workshop by Maria Hock is a 1-1.5h workshop during which researchers (or product managers) can gather and prioritise stakeholder questions around the challenge to tackle.

UX Research Kickoff Workshop by Maria Hock

:raising_hand:Open Space 1 day - up to 70 people by Yassal Sundman helps you create a virtual Open Space conference with the feel of a physical space.

:heavy_check_mark:Digital Inclusion by Cocomore is a modular blanko-framework for different types of workshops. It ensures the intuitive navigation and interaction on the board by clearly structuring, explaining and facilitating your approach and guiding your participants step-by-step through the process.

:round_pushpin:Meta-SWOT by Owtcome is the makeover of classic SWOT that can be used as dynamic and action-driven tool for strategic scenarios. The result of Meta-SWOT is a powerful and more connected narrative that eases the execution path through actionable insights.

Meta-SWOT by Owtcome

:gem:Resilution of Contradictions by IKRA is a tool that allows one quickly find solutions to problems with contradictory conditions. 

:books:Icebreaker 1 Truth 2 Lies by @Alice Jakins a simple icebreaker to do and creates healthy banter.

Icebreaker 1 Truth 2 Lies by Alice Jakins


Tell us what you think in, submit your own Templates to Miroverse & stay tuned for more next release next Monday!


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